Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rodcast 136: Resolution Solution

Sorry about the lengthiness of this one. Not only did we have a new guy, but the exhaustion from the holidays seems to have had a blathering effect rather than a shut-uppy one.

0:00 -- New guy
12:40 -- Minutes
17:44 -- Pete's card (2/6)
26:06 -- Sunday school (Lesson 45: "The Family Is Ordained of God," Lesson 46: "Zion -- The Pure in Heart")
61:13 -- Listener comments
82:34 -- Christmas (losing its religion)
91:49 -- Resolutions

One more thing about Christmas. Isn't it weird that the Church uses Christmas as a reason to NOT go to church? Don't feel pressure to be all religious at Christmastime when your own religion doesn't seem to.

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Next Rodcast: Food storage maybe!