Monday, August 29, 2011

Rodcast 71: Crispus/Gaius

Rhett and Alexis were actually in studio for once so we talked longer than usual. About, what I really have no idea. Well, there were some Corinthians, and body temple stuff, and Diana, and Diane, and mission age and Mormon celebrities. The usual.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rodcast 70: Volunteers

Before I forget, the movie with Geordi LaForge is obviously not a documentary, but an actual feature. I think it was a made for TV movie. Ned Beatty was in it too, I believe.

So Paul's still at it in Acts! Good for him. He's a big fat dynamo.

Second topic is regarding the importance and difference between an assignment and volunteering.

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Oh, and here's my ancestral fan chart if anyone's interested:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rodcast 69

Sighting of one of the three Nephites, Genealogy report, s'more Acts, rundown of potential second topics. Sounds boringer than it actually was.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rodcast 68: Psaul

Neither of us went to all of Sunday school so we kind of had to "wing" it. Get it? Wings?

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And this is bugging me. Yes, the name of the Rodcast is Psaul. It's a play on Psaltery and Saul and Paul. It's sort of genius, but it mostly looks like a major typo.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rodcast 67: Silly Rhett, Ricks is for Kids!

Someone did not want this week's Rodcast to be published. We were busy at the beginning of the week and waited for the middle of the week (also so Rhett could call in). The recording recorded slow for some reason, meaning I had to do all sorts of audio trickery to get it up to speed (literally). Also, there was an audio filter on the recording that made us sound like we're in a cathedral. You'll here some heavy duty spacey echoes. Aaaand... for some reason the audio recording stops a few minutes before we actually finished (although I don't recall what we spoke of at the end there). So it does abruptly end. Sorry. Keep that in mind when you listen.

Plenty of pluses though. Rhett eventually called in. The lovely Keira was able to join us and weigh in on all the topics including the first few acts of the original apostles, some freaky weird stuff involving gift of the tongues, some further insight on Peter as denier, Rhett's rant on genealogy and especially Rhett's rant on Rick's College. I tell ya, if Rhett's ever been good at anything, it's making good girls angry.

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Please remember also to vote in the new poll regarding what your least favorite anti-Mormon mass marketed production (dang it, I should have also put Big Love on the list).

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