Monday, March 26, 2012

Rodcast 97: The Letter of the Spirit World

We were fortunate enough to have the lovely Laura join us this week. Also, we were fortunate enough to tangent off into spirit of the law as well as progression within the three degrees.

Our main topics were supposedly 2 Nephi and then the spirit world for second topic.

Please comment on this one! I'm specifically interested in hearing what you believe regarding the existence of ghosts on our earth in relation to the spirit world.

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Note: we're probably not recording this next week, so the next Rodcast will be our coverage of the next General Conference. After that, we'll probably cover swearing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rodcast 96: Vacation!

We're still trapped in 2 Nephi and not understanding what our Sunday school classes are talking about. Still, though I gotta ask the masses -- were the things Nephi said just prophecies or self-fulfilling prophecies?

Is someone covered in tattoos, piercings and facial hair more honest in their wickedness than you are?

We also said you pretty much can't have any fun while on vacation on Sunday.

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Next week: The spirit world!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rodcast 95: Don't Laugh!

We're missing Matsby this week and we're a bit short on Sunday school discussion.

BUT, would you like to hear what we think of the Terminator franchise?

Also, we're totally into repeats. This week for second topic we combed over the cons of laughter. Hopefully you won't find this one too funny.

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In relation to last week's Rodcast, here's the link about the guy who has been fasting for like 70 years.

Also, it's about time we threw a link to Matsby's Mormon merch store.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rodcast 94: The Quickening

Still struggling through 2 Nephi.

Also, fasting -- in all its forms.

Lent update! Spoiler alert! Not all of us made it!

Download here!

Next week: Loud laughter (again).