Friday, August 31, 2012

Rodcast 110: Mitt

Alright, fine. We took a break. Sorry.

For Sunday school we did a vague overview of the second half of Alma. Wars 'n stuff.

Second topic, just in time for the Republican National Convention, was a revisiting of politics. We decided to take it easy and not have any guests, figuring that the real juicy debate is about to take place in the comments section.

Download here!

There are, however, two points that I believe I may have forgotten to make. 

We glanced at a short article and sort of referenced it ( Here's an interesting quote from it:

"[The Republicans have] been brilliant at creating this image of what a Democrat is and how it's the antithesis of what an active LDS person is."

Is this true?

Also, I've always considered myself pro-life because I'm uncertain when life actually begins and want to play it safe. Does the church's stand on abortion affect what you think on when life begins?

Next week: temple sealings! Or maybe outer darkness!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rodcast 109: Uniforms

Alma's my favorite, but does he like, bend the truth?

We also discussed the church dress code again. Lava-lavas and kilts were the instigators, but far from the most interesting.

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Next week: Mitt!