Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rodcast 85: Beards

Neither of us had Sunday school and our second topic was beards. Still think we can talk for 45 minutes?

Download here!

Send in the needed poll questions.

Also, remember next week we're talking about Christmas on Sunday. The week after that is resolutions and the week after that will be our big evolution conversation (in which we will have no idea what we're talking about). If you have anything to say on any of that stuff, drop a line.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rodcast 84: Jon's Big Day

My grand re-entrance into activity all happened on Sunday!

Also: hot Revelation action!

Also: to pray or not to pray... too much?

Also: poll results!

Download here!

Next week: hot beard action!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rodcast 83: Divine Beloved Eagle

Art by Matt Page

Matt Page joined us for a wonderful discussion.

First of all, we talked about some of Matt's visual contributions to a couple of (awesome sounding) Mormony anthologies. Click on them to buy them!

Monsters and Mormons (that's the fiction collection)

Between Pulpit and Pew (the one with Mormon folklore (so lots of it might be true!))

ALSO! We talked about the beginning of the Book of Revelation (the boring part without the harlots and dragons and destruction and stuff)!

ALSO! We had another ignorant conversation about what to think about during the sacrament. This one was action packed!

Download here!

Next week! When are we supposed to say opening prayers?