Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rodcast 135: Cards

0:00 -- Miley minutes
5:04 -- Jon's card (1/6) 
11:41 -- Sunday school (Lesson 42: Continuing Revlelation to Latter-day Prophets, Lesson 43: "Take upon You My Whole Armor," Lesson 44: Being Good Citizens)
30:00 -- Polls 
31:15 -- Listener comments

43:12 -- Cards

Download here!

Next Rodcast: Food storage or maybe Christmas or something!


  1. Hooray! Pete singing is awesome. Interesting that he got the tune for the chorus, but not the verse. He is just that awesome.

    Jon came up with a pretty good poll question: Is Mormon Doctrine safe to use?

    I always thought the the "zipper" at the end was a sound effect added in post production. It might be a good idea to archive the zipper sound for future generations. Kids today have no idea what the dial-up modems, or the film-strip beeps mean. That might be a fun sound clip to edit into the Rodcast--you could insert the film strip beep between segments. Although, it might be too much work.

    I do attend the regular ward, and there are a lot of hot MILFs to ogle. I reject the term "family ward." Everyone is welcome at church, not just families.

    I loved hearing Pete's story about why he doesn't play cards.

    I like that in recent years, food storage has evolved into provident living. It is good doctrine, to me, to live frugally. It boils down to "live within your means." That is how to set aside resources and supplies for a rainy day.

  2. A new roommate? Oooo.

    Pd's stand on Miley surprises me. She cannot claim innocence...she cannot claim she didn't know/expect/hope for the reaction her behavior got. She did that stuff on national TV, and basically before a worldwide audience online and such. If you do not want to be perceived a certain way, don't give people reason to perceive you that way. Simple as that.

    So far as blacks and the Priesthood go, to me, it was a situation where, had blacks been able to have the Priesthood from the beginning of the Church, I don't think the Church would have had the solid foundation it did...similar to how polygamy needed to be practiced early in the Church in order for the solid foundation to be there numbers-wise. The Church would have been seen as a bunch of freethinking, slave-loving kooks. People wouldn't have joined. There would have been areas of the country/world where the Church wouldn't have been established at all for a long time after it actually was. The world wasn't ready for it, the membership wasn't ready for it, until it actually happened. It wasn't doctrinal (unlike the women and the Priesthood thing...that's doctrinal), so it, in reality, could be influenced by popular culture more than other things, like gender roles. Like the statement that the Church put out recently says, Brigham Young was taking cues from the ways of the world in his stance on Priesthood and racial issues. When the time came, the Lord let the prophet of the time know it was time. End of story.

    Joseph F. Smith wasn't Bruce R.'s father-in-law. Joseph F. Smith was president of the Church way back in the early 1900s. Joseph FIELDING Smith, I believe, was Bruce R.'s FIL, and was president of the Church in the early 70s. Joseph F. Smith was speaking for his day and age...1911...when gambling was much more of a public entity, public vice, than it is now. Church members do not involve themselves with card-playing now as much as they did 100 years ago. There are just tons more forms of amusement now than there were then. I don't feel bad about having face cards in the house or playing once in awhile. Moderation and caution are the be watch-words here just as much as any other practice...video games, movie-watching, etc. Cards, to me, are no different. Money is not to be wagered under any circumstances. As long as it is kept safe, fun, and simple...cool with me.

    By the way, Mark's term 'regular ward' is in no way superior to the term 'family ward'. So...if that is what a 'regular ward' is, what are singles wards? I read Elder Hales' book, "Return" (really good, by the way), earlier this year, and he said he's always wanted the term to be 'ward family' instead of 'family ward', and I like that concept. You can have a ward family in a 'home ward', a 'singles ward', or any other form of Church group. That's probably the terminology that needs to become popular...just calling it a 'ward family' no matter how the membership is identified. And the thought of Mark ogling the 'hot MILFs' in his ward disgusts me. If that's what you go to church for, stay home. Ew. Again.

    I loved Pd's comment about a random pass-along card in among your face cards. That was hilarious.

    I like the idea of a three-month food supply. Fits the space available to the majority of Church members...just more reflective of an international Church where not everyone has a house or basement or near enough space for a year's supply. Also like the encouragement about finances and having cash on hand for emergencies too. Seems a more comprehensive approach on a lot of levels. Go Church.


  3. I stand corrected. I like the designation Ward Family. That's how I'm going to refer to all ward's from now on. It really does work anywhere, in any ward.

    Another thought on food storage: It is important to be willing to share. The principle of provident living is not like the Parable of the Ten Virgins; food and supplies can and should be shared. However, I wonder about what to do about the people who only prepare ammunition, and plan on shooting the people with storage, and stealing their supplies?

    I look forward to hearing from the new guy.