Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Podcast 2: Loud

This week we had a guest speaker in Sunday School so we discussed (kvetched) about that and the whole idea of guest speakers in Sunday School.

We also had a very surface discussion about the geography of The Book of Mormon and Jon threw a curveball non-topic non-question at Pete and Rhett.

Rhett compiled a huge huge list of stuff he WANTS to discuss.

Download it HERE!


  1. I like this idea guys. Plus, I was sick on Sunday, so this was a good review.

  2. Two hours? Really? Wow...I would have been really not happy about that. And, having been an EFY counselor, I agree with the idea that EFY praises the 'virtues of loudness'. I have my own ideas as to why that's the case, but I'm glad I'm not alone in that belief. A good program & helpful to many who attend and work in the program, but still with some interesting facets such as the overarching loudness of the experience.

  3. Ughhh.. I just type a big ol' comment and then somehow deleted it without posting. Trust me- it was good.

    Call me or something. I totally agree about the lack of scripture references in talks/lessons.


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  5. Just going back an listening to the old episodes from the beginning... Great discussions, great tone, love it.

    I think it's a really interesting point Jon makes about the major "doctrine" points and how they are addressed in the BOM.

    My thoughts: I am not so sure about the blacks/priesthood thing being actual doctrine though. Is it doctrine that blacks have the mark of cain? Is it doctrine that they should have been denied the priesthood? Or are those ideas that our early leaders (see Brother Brigham) adopted from the other Christian culture of their day and continued to believe without anything to back them up as OFFICIAL word from God? I don't believe there are any written revelations on the subject or scripture saying that black people have the mark of Cain.