Monday, May 10, 2010

Podcast 5: Remember

Discussed today: Lesson 17 "Beware Lest Thou Forget."

ALSO! Our super big conversation on Mormon movies we like and dislike. If you really love those movies they show in the JSMB, this may not be the podcast for you.

Download the thing HERE!

EDIT: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If anybody out there has a copy of the 70s recording of "Saturday's Warrior" please give it to Jon. He wants it.

Peter's in charge next week so email him about what you wanna talk about (

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  1. Favorite part of this episode:Rhett getting "bleeped" for cursing.

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  3. Worst Mormon movie ever is probably "Baptists at our Barbecue". I'd recommend it for your screening/review. And I loved the comparison between Scientology and "Legacy". P.S. Kohor=Stephen Tyler.

    Also, for Peter: Knowing the backstory of the actor who played Christ in "The Testaments", I was not all that impressed with your criticism of him being chosen for the role. As he may know, Neil L. Andersen is a friend of mine (and was Executive Director of the Audiovisual Department at the time of filming) and I know that this experience with choosing the actor for the role of Christ in the movie was a big, big deal to him (and to the Brethren). To hear him tell the story, the events surrounding the selection of that actor were basically miraculous. Every actor that had been proposed to the First Presidency to that point had been rejected and he was coming to his wit's end as to how the right person would be found. It was only through a 'stroke of luck' that this Danish guy got on the radar and ultimately was the Brethren's choice. I agree that a more true-to-reality pick would be someone who has more Israeli/Jewish features, but the spiritual side of the choice they made cannot be discounted. This was not a choice arbitrarily made, so please don't act like it was.

    OK...I'm done now. :D

  4. I like Singles Ward and also Singles 2nd Ward. I think RM is okay, but I am not big on God's Army or Baptists at our BBQ. Charley's pretty good and I really really like The Best Two Years.

    Work and the Glory was alright. I LOVE the actor they got to play Joseph Smith in that, so he makes the whole thing for me.

    They had everyone go to a special missionary meeting on Sunday during Sunday School where the missionaries started by playing Testaments. All the white people acting in black-face were too distracting for me to enjoy it.


    I have a bunch of the Mormon movies. If you guys ever want to come watch one to review, you are welcome any time.