Monday, May 3, 2010

Podcast 4: Quails

This week we discussed OT lesson 15: "Look to God and Live."

Also we had a wondrous discussion about the merits of the Church program known as Especially for Youth. Pete was in a ball whimpering the whole time.

Download and/or listen right here.

Also, here are a couple of visual aids to help you get through this one. Pete was talking about the geography of the Exodus, which we can see right here:

Also, here's the amazing graph Pete drew as we were talking about the spiritual merits of EFY:

Next week we'll probably be discussing lesson 17: "Beware, Lest Thou Forget." Check out the teacher's instruction here.

ALSO: we'll probably be discussing our favorite and least favorite Mormon movies! Should be way way fun.


  1. I taught this lesson the week before stake conference (your "fiasco" week). The actual number of the Israelites was 600,000 adults (Exodus 12:37) plus however many more children/non-Israelites who were with them. Not all that hard to imagine there being about 750,000 people altogether.

    Simonds Ryder's name was misspelled on his mission call, btw. It wasn't a revelation misspell. Listen to Elder Hallstrom's Conference talk from this past Conference for more on that.

    I worked EFY during the "We Believe" year, btw...GREAT times. One week in Pennsylvania, three weeks at SVU. Yay for the STP shirt! Loved (and agreed with) Rhett's and Jon's comments. Peter needs to be less cynical (is that possible?). The activity at the end was priceless.

  2. Ramen Calendar = AWESOME! I wish I had thought of that.