Sunday, June 13, 2010

Podcast 10: Diligence

Just Peter and Jon this time around. Unfortunately, even though there were two of us, we still approached an hour.

This week's Sunday school lesson was Lesson 22 -- "The Lord Looketh on the Heart." We mostly talked about Saul and not David. Perhaps next week we'll get into David a little.

As a bonus we not only touched on home teaching slightly, but we also went over Pete's talk that he gave in church!

All this and brownies!

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  1. Wow, podcast up early this week.

    I wasn’t going to comment because although I did suggest the home teaching topic, I didn’t have any specific questions I wanted answered, I was just curious as to how guys felt about it. But now that you said you were waiting with baited breath…

    Actually you did answer my questions indirectly by saying you make more of an effort to visit the girls than the guys (something unique to a singles ward I’m sure). And the fact that Pete enjoys teaching others but feels like he is untouchable as far as having any sort of learning experience from home teachers wasn’t a surprise :) Pete was my most “diligent” home teacher, and even though he is no longer my HT I know I can count still count on him.

    Pete: I challenge you to let yourself be home taught. If it makes you feel any better think about it this way: maybe they need you more than you need them. Because that’s what you’d tell someone if they posed you with the same question. You’re an excellent teacher Pete, now let’s work on you being a good learner.

    You didn't really talk about how you feel about the program in general if you think it's essential or at least beneficial to Mormonkind.

    You did answer a very important question that I didn’t ask and that is why you never discuss or respond to comments on the blog. The fact that you don’t have a computer in front of you, however, doesn’t have to stop you from writing some replies, or maybe that’s just not your style. I guess if I want to know what you guys think of my comment I can just IM Pete and Rhett or call Jon (I guess Jon is more of a texter), but not all listeners have you at their fingertips or understand your preferred method of contact like your friends do. I guess the only commenters are your friends so if you want you can completely disregard this entire paragraph.

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  3. The exercise topic was kind of random. Best part of it is that I think maybe 1/3 of the wards in the stake actually care about the program. Wards like mine are like "whatever." Though the movie-handcart-during-a-marathon comment by Jon was awesome.

    "Lavender's blue, dilly dilly...lavender's green. I'll be your king, dilly dilly, if you'll be my queen (or vice versa)." I remember that one, Jon. Don't feel bad.

    I once had an Institute teacher say that each person on earth has precisely the amount of adversity in their life that they need to exalt them. I think that's an interesting idea...we have the struggles we need to put us where we want to be, but how we deal with that adversity will determine whether we make it there or not. So it was with Saul and so it is with us.

    P.S. The Valley of Elah is where David slew the title of the Tommy Lee Jones movie.

    Those are my comments for part one...more to come when I listen to the HT part. Maybe.

  4. I think you need to dedicate the second half of an upcoming show (or part of it) to responding to listener comments on the blog.

    I agree that it takes a certain comfort level...a certain period of time during which you visit a person consistently...before they'll really open up (as with any other relationship). I'm terrible and probably will never open up to my HTs for anything significant...I'm more about a nice half-hour conversation once a month than anything serious and substantive, and that's probably my fault. If I don't give them the opportunity to serve, that's on me and not them (this goes for Peter too).

    And yes, it is true that the people you think need help the least often need it the most...and often are the most reticent to ask for it.

    Also, I enjoyed Peter HTing Jon via being part of the podcast. Way to multitask.