Monday, October 4, 2010

Podcast 26: Sleep-overs

Hope you enjoyed the 180th Semi-annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! If you didn't, no doubt you won't enjoy this edition of the Rodcast.

Joining us this time, we had Sleepy Laura and Skypey Rhett.

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  1. We were talking at work today about how interesting it was that Elder Costa and Elder Duncan both quoted that ETB talk...30 years BYU...very few people would have known of it. Must mean something, eh?

    Elder Cook was not born in England...he was born the day before the bombing of London...his mom heard about it on the radio & named her son after the announcer. That was the connection there.

    Presiding Bishop = H. David Burton, not David H. Burton

    And yes, I really enjoy Elder Andersen because we're personally acquainted. Long story as to why, but I go see him in his office a few times a year, we e-mail back and forth, etc. We're bffs. lol jk "And now you know". Glad Peter enjoyed his talk.

    During Conference, I am pretty hardcore. I need it quiet because I take copious notes from most of the talks (only one I didn't take notes for? Sister Wixom).

    And yes, you can create your own profile on I have one, in fact. On the website, go under "Our People", and choose "Create or Edit Profile". Bada-bing. Each profile is reviewed before it is published, as is each edit to a profile. You must have an LDS Account in order to create a profile, and I think that requires a membership number or something like that.

    The chat option involves missionaries, not members, answering questions from visitors to the site.

    I know "This is the Christ" has been performed in a recent's not straight hymns in every session. Although "This is the Christ" is, basically, a hymn.

    Every time I hear "Love One Another", I think of the MTC, since that was basically our district hymn, and mostly because it was short and we could get to the upcoming meal faster if we sang it rather than one with actual verses and a refrain and all that. "Como Os He Amado"...gooooooood times.

    I thought Elder Ballard's going into the prescription drug abuse problem was interesting...bold...impressive...needed. My roommate is getting her Master's in Psych and was impressed with the scientific bona fides he presented. Bravo.

    I watched the Saturday sessions at my bishop's house with his wife and daughter and one of her friends. I really enjoyed being with them, even though we really didn't talk during the talks (thankfully)...there's just something about not being by yourself that I enjoyed (besides the delicious breakfast Sister Cahoon prepared). :D

    I agree with Jon...note-taking makes all the difference. Both for keeping you awake and alert and also having something to refer to later on when people try to remember who said what. Makes you look all smart and holy and stuff.


  2. P.S. I listened to Elder Kearon's talk after I finished the Best talk of the whole conference to me. Thanks for recommending it.