Sunday, October 17, 2010

Podcast 28: Shopping

Joining us this week, is Laura! She also got some high quality cable television in, so it was a very efficient Sunday afternoon.

Isaiah continues his healthy obsession with the Savior and we talk about that (with tangents). Our second topic is the idea of ward shopping and ward squatting. We don't actually use the word "squatting" but it's probably a word that's quite applicable to us.

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  1. Tom Mortensen as Jack Donaghy = gold.

    "Isaiah speaks Masonically" = gold.

    I remember the good ole days of Club 41. Pohlman, Tolman and Hackett. Such fun. I didn't think they changed the boundaries...the stake just kicked out those who didn't live in the existing boundaries. Wrong?

    It isn't just rumors about doing away with stake YSA wards and student wards. It has already happened in Ogden and will be happening in SL sometime in the near future. My bishop's wife has brought it up a few times, since my bishop has only been in his calling for a couple months and she really hopes he stays a bishop once the change comes.

    Growing up, a lot of churches I went to (Catholic all) had what are called "cry rooms"...rooms where young children and their parents would be able to watch the Mass in progress (windows on the church proper), but in a soundproof environment where they wouldn't disturb the rest of the congregation. That's kind of gone out of style as discriminatory or something...many Catholic & other Christian churches now have "children's church" during services, which are special, child-friendly meetings for kids while Mass/worship is going a separate room. Mormons have nothing of the kind.

    People may go to big wards and show up and whatever, but they don't have callings...they don't often get home/visit taught or do home/visiting teaching themselves...they show up on Sunday and that's all they do. That, to me, is hiding. Call it what it is. Showing up on Sunday is not enough. That is no better or different than any other church out there...Catholic or whatever.

    When I first moved to SL and started attending the 41st Ward, I also freaked out at how many people were at church. Of course, I was coming from 20-30 people at church each Sunday, and after awhile, I started to love the size and activity level and sociality of the ward. And now I'm in one of the smallest wards in the stake and much prefer it. The bigness of the ward when I first got here was necessary for me to get used to Utah wards.

    I would go to a family ward before I would go to a Single Adult ward. Plenty of reasons...but I'll just leave it at that.


  2. Where is episode 29? Is everything alright? You guys have me worried!