Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rodcast 62: Service

We lost a good chunk of this one. Plus we were tired. We rambled. It's short. At least.

Download here!


  1. Jon sounded tired...Peter sounded less-ill and more active in the conversation than last week. Role reversal?

    According to the USDA, the average cents per pound of retail equivalent value for pork in May was about $3.48. Hence, Peter's niece most likely got better than market value for her hog. Nice, eh? May was the second month in a row of new nominal highs for retail, wholesale, and gross farm values. A good time to sell, clearly.

    Limbo is a Catholic concept that came into disfavor and was rejected around the '50s-'60s. Unbaptized infants/children were said to go there...

    That "I Found My Friend" story is such missionary turns my spiritual stomach. Kind of a ridiculous, presumptuous premise, if you ask me. I'm much more interested in the "hand of the Lord" idea than some kind of agreement one person made with another premortally.

    I enjoyed Peter's "My Turn on Earth" bit. You guys need a "Peter Croons" segment on the Rodcast.

    We were talking at work last week about making a "Charly" musical to piggyback on "The Book of Mormon". How about THAT?

    I love "Joseph" HS did it when my brother was a sophomore and he was one of J's brothers. And Donny Osmond in the movie/Broadway version! What's not to like about that?!

    Audible back popping = gross.


  2. Pete, you do look good in red.

    Jon, I think you can get "Elements" at Costco for $50. I have a card if you need assistance.

    See you next week!