Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rodcast 60: Jagger

Hey, sorry! We totally missed a week. First time ever. Hopefully we make up for it by... not knowing really what to talk about again.

Pete and Jon discuss Judas the thief a little. Also we get a little feedback.

Hey, if nothing else comes of that whole Gene R. Cook/Mick Jagger story, at least we got a cool pop art rendering out of it, eh?

Hey, here's another theory to the story. It wasn't Mick Jagger, but it was a drunk weirdo claiming to be Mick Jagger while flying coach.

Download here!

The bonus outtake may be worth your time (it better be, it took freaking long enough to find).


  1. Pete singing almost made me pee my pants. I'm not kidding you.

    Also, the comparable/either comment. I'm stealing that line if the issue ever comes up again.

    I have other comments about the actual content of our podcast, but I'm too lazy to write them all out at the moment. Maybe I will call in and leave a message. Can we even do that?

  2. If you need to call in, try the Trek West 5 line: 801-788-4913. Just say this is for the Iron Rodcast. I'm sure ol' Joe Smith would be happy to send us the mp3.

  3. Pete's singing = awesome.

    I also agree with Pete's plan for a potential wedding. All you really need are two Priesthood witnesses, the sealer, and your fiance. You don't need six bridesmaids and whoever else. You can get married on a Wednesday, have a few days together, and do a weekend reception so everyone is in town. Just a thought.

    There's also a comment in John 13:2 about Satan having put it into Judas's heart to betray Christ. John had no mercy for this guy, did he?

    I think the "I'm still trying to understand the endowment" story is David O. McKay. The part that I remember is that he was in his 80s or so and he came out of the temple once and said that he thought he was finally starting to understand the endowment. If a Prophet of God took that long to just begin to grasp it, thus, how much more need do we have of attending often in our, well, less-enlightened state?

    I've heard the Gene R. Cook talk before, and agree with Jon that Mick J. was probably in the conversation to either make Elder Cook squirm or mock his sincerity. I don't think he cared a bit about the BoM or anything else. He was out to make Elder Cook look like a fool.

    I think you should save that "It's all your fault, God" line from Peter and drop it in randomly during future broadcasts.