Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rodcast 72: Meet Me on the Dark Side of the Moon

I'm not gonna lie to you. I spent a really long time on the picture for this week. I'm gonna miss Photoshop when I turn off the computer.

We spent some time in Corinth, plus mused slightly on the very devilish topic of secret combinations. Thanks to Mark for submitting the idea.

Hey! We need another poll idea. Submit some ideas. The winning idea gets an extra vote.

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1 comment:

  1. During the sacrament, I always read 3 Nephi 11:9-17. I've done it for years...thinking about what that would be like to be there (and the reality that we will have such a meeting with the Savior someday), thinking about how long it took for Him to do that (and hence the importance of the people receiving such a witness)...stuff like that.

    btw, I sustained Mark's calling at 2:21pm MST Saturday, September 17, 2011.

    So far as Pres. Benson's comment about Satan 'learning' new ways to tempt us, I think the way this is possible is that the adversary does not know how we are going to react to a given temptation. When we give in to something he throws at us, he 'learns' where our weak spots really are and tries to exploit them further. He has no sure-fire-successful plan against any of us, since agency allows us to choose whether we resist a certain temptation or not. He knows our susceptibilities, yes, but not how he can get us to give in to them...unless and until we show him.

    And if Old Man Nash gets on Twitter, I might consider doing it myself.