Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rodcast 73: Rich

Pete added Elder's Quorum to the list of stuff he hates.

I think we're still talking about Corinthians.

For the second topic, Mark asked us if it's alright to be rich and righteous. Thanks Mark! Your check's in the mail!

Notice the new poll. Also, if anybody has a list of all the dispensation heads please send it in.

Download here!

Oh, this is last week's Rodcast. Expect another one soon.

1 comment:

  1. Peter, I loved your performance of "Godly Sorrow" last week. Sorry I didn't say so. And yes, I think you need to start each podcast with a hymn. I expect a good amount of cheesiness in the delivery.

    7 World Trade Center, according to the conspiracy theorists, shows proof of controlled, on-purpose demolition. Google it for more.

    Selfishness creeps in when you have more money because you have more options as to how to spend your money. You have money left over after paying your living expenses, so discretion comes in, discretion is fun, and fun makes you want more of it.

    Money puts people on an uneven playing field, so I don't know that the only way we could fully realize our giving potential is to have more available to give. I almost believe the opposite is true...when you are really struggling and have to choose between tithing and some other important thing...that's when, I think, one's full potential for giving is seen. When it hurts.

    The snippet to be taken from this podcast? "And this time, it's personal" the very end.