Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rodcast 75: Annual

Time stamp at 2:00.

This is our second annual General Conference summary (but the third one we've done so far).

We have a few comments that we'll probably get into next week. In the meantime, if you have any bits from Conference you'd like to discuss or whatever, send a comment or a line.

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  1. I had heard a rumor a few months ago about the Provo Tabernacle lot being rebuilt as a I was one of the few who wasn't surprised. lol

    South Jordan was the first to have two temples...Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain. Officially. Though, yes, the two in Provo probably will be the two closest-together temples in the world, since Jordan and Oquirrh and about 27 blocks apart (13th West to 40th West)...these will be quite a bit closer.

    Provo Temple dedicated in 1972. MTC opened in '78.

    Also, Johannesburg already has a temple. Been there for almost 30 years. Durban is getting the new one.

    I'm with Jon. If there's a lot of "Scatter Sunshine" or "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today" in the celestial kingdom...I'm out.

    Quote from this Podcast: Peter: "Picture me arrogant..." Jon: "Done." Around the 18 minute mark (?)

    You skipped over one of the best talks of the weekend: Carl Cook's talk Saturday afternoon! "Now remember, it's better to look up."

    My favorite of the weekend was Elder Hales. I don't know what kind of surgery he had earlier this year (didn't attend April Conference?). Just really appreciated the message he shared about waiting on the Lord.

    "Hey, what are you doing tonight? Wanna go to Taco Bell?" is a good quote from this 'cast too. About 30 minutes in.

    I also liked Pres. Monson's story about the Frankfurt Temple dedication and the inspiration to say that one guy was going to be the first speaker. Pretty cool.

    If you want to see a lot of attention directed toward Conference, wait until next year...especially if Mitt ends up being the October is going to be something else. A month before the election, everyone's gonna want a crash course in Church stuff.

    J. Devn Cornish's talk was really good, I thought. I liked the story about finding the quarter to pay for chicken...and how the Our Father teaches us to pray.

    I liked Elder Cook's stories about the Titanic's LDS connections too. I doubt many people in the Church knew about Alma Sonne and the lady from Provo.


  2. I'm catching up on my rod-casts but I had to answer that South Jordan is the first city to have two temples. But SRA nailed that! Good job.

    But I do agree, I feel P.Monson is acting funny, as in too funny. I kinda want to say "Who are you trying to impress? You're the prophet, mission completed. You don't HAVE to be funny!"

    My thoughts on Provo temple. I missed sat-session so Facebook told me about the Provo temple. I yelled at Sean for not telling me. I think Provo needs 3 temples. Growing up in Utah County I did baptism for the dead twice. Once at the age of 12, the other the age 17. Temples were such a mystery to me for so long because I could never go, even for baptisms. And no one wanted me to go because it was always over booked. Now that I've been through the temple, and now that I've been going on a monthly basis, I see how important the temple is. So here's my hope for the Spanish Fork Temple 2012!!

  3. Another comment: Check out Julie Beck, Pres of the General Relief Society. Her hair isn't as fluffy, and she is really direct when she speaks. And if you listen to her talk I really appreciate how she highlighted the R.S. as more than a fluff position.

    You might think R.S. is busy work to keep the women occupied but really, men administer the priesthood, and women administer the members. The men can't use the priesthood if there were no members.