Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rodcast 77: Ephesians

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  1. Thanks to Peter for singing "The Armor of God" this time.

    There are still plenty of parts of the country where racism, sexism, etc. is common. I think a lot of the South, honestly. Old habits either die very hard or don't die at all.

    I will agree with the idea that the world getting smaller has helped us be more civil toward each other. There's much less unknown to fear/judge/condemn now than there was 30, 40, 50 years ago...shoot, even 15-20 years ago. Say what you will about the negatives of globalization...this is a positive.

    Fave quotes from this episode:

    "I got a really cool afghan" and "I could start talking louder."

    Regarding proper Sabbath behavior...I think of a favorite passage from a favorite book, Wobegon Boy by Garrison Keillor:

    "The Dark Lutherans were strict about dress, which should be modest--no trousers for girls, not even infant girls--and about the Sabbath: after church, you remained in a devotional mode for the rest of the day, sitting in a room with shades pulled, perusing a commentary on Habakkuk and Obadiah. The Happy Lutherans said, "Oh, what harm would it do to read David Copperfield on Sunday or play baseball, or hear a Mozart sonata?" and the Dark Lutherans cried, "Do you care so little for him who shed His life's blood for you that you cannot spare one day out of seven to think of Him and of Him only? Is this too much to ask?"

    It was a miserable argument, and the Happy Lutherans lost, of course--how militant could you be, arguing for kindness and mercy? Could you screech and yell at the legalists, demand that they be tolerant, pound the table, threaten them with damnation if they didn't get themselves a sense of humor?"