Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rodcast 99: Cuss

Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Amaron, Chemish, Abinadom and Amaliki. Lots of dudes, but not much writing. Wanna know why? Too much cussing. Mormon had to take all the swears out.

Download here!

Next week, the priestcraft known as Deseret Book.


  1. Guys! There's something wrong with the recording! It's only about 8 seconds long. Please fix it if you can.

    1. Actually SRA, we just decided to keep it short for once.

    2. are you sure it's 8 seconds? i'm listening to it at work now and i'm about 15 minutes in... is a time warp involved? have you tried firefox? how about the itunes subscription?

    3. I downloaded 1:28:20 from iTunes. Another great Rodcast.

  2. Geez, SRA. Why can't you be more like Mark???

  3. By the way, I can't do next week, but I can do sometime in May. We will prove that Matt and I are not the same person.

    I'm with Pd. If I have to hear Pres. Monson cite "Shenandoah" again, I'm going to throw up. Same topics aren't a problem, but same text and citations and whatnot is.

    Swears, vulgarities and obscenities are three different things. Swears are oaths, basically. 'G.D. it', for example. Vulgarities are the s-word and the like. Obscenities are typically sexual in nature. Just to clarify.

    Clean humor is much harder to put together than 'working blue' in standup. Just ask Ryan Hamilton or Steve Soelberg or any of the LDS comedians out there.

    I agree that people assign 'rightness' or 'wrongness' to words...a lot of vulgarities are cultural and would be bad to some people but not to others. However, if you come from a culture where a certain word is bad, that doesn't mean that using it around people for whom the word isn't bad makes it OK, and vice versa. God looks upon the heart, so if you in your heart know that it is wrong to say something by your standards, that is all that matters.

    What is this about 'fanny' referring to female genitalia? I have honestly never heard of it in that context. Is that because I didn't grow up in the Church? I never thought of that word as being vulgar. The 'c' word, though, that's what refers to that area of the female anatomy.

    "Sounds like a plan"...oy. One of the gals I work with says that all the time. Is that a Utah thing?

    PS I applied for a job with Deseret Book last week. Working for Time Out for Women, actually. Made me chuckle when I thought of the priestcraft in which the company engages.

    [End Part 2]

  4. Yeah...I just lost the first part of my comments. Whatever. Not gonna try to reconstitute them. :P

  5. Pete should be very pleased with his podcasting. He expresses himself very well. This podcast and TW5 are just as good as the heavily produced stuff they put together on This American Life.

    It's interesting when you're learning a language that you always manage to learn the bad words pretty quickly.

    I still don't generally like it people use substitute words, but it was cool when the BSG writer's came up with frak to get by the TV censors.

    You're talk about coffins reminded me of a possible second topic idea: Mormon funerals. Have any of you Rodcasters had the opportunity to dress someone in the Temple Robes for their funeral?

  6. OK...two things from the first part of my comments I wanted to mention:

    My heart was warmed to hear that Matt would have quit his job and left early if he had known I was going to be on the last podcast. Self-worth infusion: check!

    Also, my suggested second topic coming from this week's discussion is caffeine abuse among Church members, particularly in the form of Diet Coke. This is a major soapbox of mine. Working for a Church entity as I do, you see a lot of people drinking way too much soda pop because they can't drink coffee. Drinking a series of 20-oz. Diet Cokes, or cans of RockStar or vials of 5-Hour Energy throughout the day is flat-out unhealthy. I posted an article on my Facebook page yesterday about a lady who drank about 2 gallons of Coke a day (in New Zealand, Jn.) and it was found to be one of the practices that led to her early death. I'd really like to be on the Rodcast if you choose to discuss this at some point.