Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rodcast 98: Annual '12

Matt went missing this week, but Stephanie gladly substituted for our annual chat about annual conference (not to be confused with the semi-annual one). What was your favorite talk? Least favorite?

Also, Stephanie filled in as a wonderful Lent expert (Hello Tucano's AND Five Guys late Friday night!).

ALSO: Trayvon calling!

Download here!

Next week: swearing!

In two weeks: The evils of Deseret Book!


  1. Regarding the "Stop It!" talk, watch this MadTV clip with Bob Newhart.

    Holland's talk was also a favorite of mine. I've always tended to see God as merciful more than smiteful, but I do struggle with the jealousy thing from time to time. So I took the same notes you did and they were significant to me.

    Pete! You had a breakthrough! It's so nice to hear people come to the socialist realization on their own. While you're still feeling the spirit read Mosiah and King Benjamin's sermon again. It will open your eyes :)

    I agree saying "How can I help?" is very little help. A lot of people who need help don't like asking for help or don't have the wits about them to think of something specific that they need. Answering that question is essentially the same as ASKING for help (as opposed to responding to an offer), it requires too much work on the part of the person in need. I know a lot of people like Pete who don't want help imposed on them. I think the best thing to do is to offer something specific such as, "Can I watch your kids this afternoon?" Or "can I bring you dinner this week?" or "Can I bring you something from the grocery store?" Those questions are easier to answer.

    For awhile my very sick grandfather lived with us. My mom told me to ask him specific questions like that. She told me not to ask, "Can I get you anything?" because he'd most likely say no. But if I asked, "Can I get you a Coke?" he could answer that more easily.

  2. The Trayvon story in the news is just race baiting from the the usual suspects. (the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton crowd) And I hope Peter is not being swayed by all the communist ideas being spread around here.

    It was great to hear Stephanie she has a lot of great ideas. Why isn't she on more often?

    Great song choice Pete! "Come all ye Sons of God" is a favorite. I've never thought that the girls wouldn't know that one. I guess I've never sung "As Sisters in Zion."

    An interesting note about Conference online. They are working on putting up audio and video from the archives back to 1971. In the blog post they announced that many church members have never heard the great talks like Bruce R McConkie's final testimony, or President Benson's "Beware of Pride." Definitely worth a listen sometime.

    I don't think I've ever sustained the Prophet from my living room.

    I had a hard time paying attention to Conference this time. I was distracted by all the tweets from the #twitterstake and #Ldsconf. I guess that's one of the drawbacks from having a computer in front of me all the time. I didn't see any tweets from the Rodcast though? (That might be a way to pick up followers)

    Elder Holland not only has great material in his talk, he has great delivery.

    It's become custom in our US society to be uncomfortable asking for help. Instead of asking what do people need, get out there and "do something more!" You don't need to wait for a prompting to do something. If you want to do something nice just go ahead and do it.

    I never thought about Elder Scott being creepy. I don't understand the problem. Like I said last week, some people are more spiritual and the veil is really thin for them. Elder Scott is probably really talking to his wife.

    Elder Nelson's science talk baffled me too. I have noticed a meme lately around the internet that "Science hates religion." I've never thought of the church being anti-science before, what with all the emphasis on education and the glory of God is intelligence and whatnot.

    I listened to the Sunday afternoon session on the radio so I missed the "Papal" blessing from the Prophet. It's just President Monson's personality. So is President Monson just a "caretaker" Prophet then? Do you think there are going to be any major changes while he's Prophet? The Church membership probably needs to learn a lesson either way. If Peter and Stephanie want to learn "new stuff" maybe they should perfect the commandments that they've been given.

    They are only saying the Elder Hales had a medical problem from early last year, and not going into details. Only that he is working with doctors and nurse and doing physical therapy to get stronger and feeingl better. Don't any of you guys have Wikipedia? Or as I call it the Book of Knowledge.

    The timer doesn't seem to be working to keep you under a specific time. Does it even matter? It's not like you have to stay on schedule because of hard breaks for news, and traffic and weather. That's one of the best parts about podcasting. You can skip around the parts you don't like or pause and come back later.