Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rodcast 101: Fast Jokes

Was Abinadi the best ever, or sort of full of himself?

How much humor need we have in fast and testimony meeting? More or less than at other times?

All this and a surprise caller (Rhett) complaining about last week!

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Next week: The Book of Mormon pronunciation guide!


  1. It was great to hear from Rhett again. Aloha!

  2. My theory about "the rich in his death" is that Joseph of Arimathea, in whose tomb Christ was interred, was a wealthy type, and so had a nice tomb hewed out for himself. So, Christ had a 'classy' burial befitting the wealthy, because not everyone in that day and age got the nice tomb he got.

    We have a painting from DB hanging in our house..."Every Knee Shall Bow" by J. Kirk Richards. I don't have an issue with the artwork. I have an issue with the crafty crap (i.e. the blocks that spell "family" or whatever) and the fiction they sell. It isn't that it is detrimental. It is that it isn't necessary. It is a 'good, better, best' issue. There are better things they could sell than some of the stuff they do, or stuff they should do away with completely and not replace. Their slogan is "Bringing Values Home" I just wonder which values they emphasize, in some cases.

    We need a new poll, btw. No great ideas as to what, but it's been awhile & I miss the poll tracker part of the podcast from week to week.

    I have major opinions about what should and should not be said over the pulpit during F&S meeting, and I agree with Jn and Rhett, mostly. You can say something funny at the beginning to break the ice, but this is not meant to be a standup routine or telling of a funny anecdote, peppered with a little bit of faith expression. I still remember a few years ago when I went to visit my MTC comp in Arizona and the family ward we attended that Sunday morning before she dropped me off at the airport. The member of the bishopric who conducted and thus got to bear his testimony gave a brief explanation of the purpose of testimonies and the things that compose a testimony, and then bore his testimony and turned the time over to the congregation. It was a GREAT meeting...the people took the cues he set down and bore pure testimony throughout the meeting. Sometimes I think that should happen more often...that the bishopric member conducting the F&T meeting give a quick explanation at the beginning of his remarks. Helpful to members and nonmembers in attendance alike.


  3. My favorite joke: "That's what she said!" I get to say that all the time at work. I also like the J Golden Kimball stories. Especially the one where he is reading the names for sustaining votes, and people aren't paying attention. So J Golden says "It's proposed that we move Mt Nebo to Utah lake, all in favor manifest it." Then after everyone votes for that he says "Well, now you got it there, what are you gonna do with it?"

    It's rare, but sometimes I do hear an actual testimony on Fast Sunday. I like the idea for the Bishop to give an instruction/example at the beginning.

    Jon has some serious competition for the 'most humble' award. Andrew seems to be pretty humble. Sometimes, he speaks in a still, small voice.

    So I guess that no one saw the comment I left on Rodcast 20?

  4. I totally wanted the Minerva Teichert Book of Mormon! I remember this girl on our staff got married like 9 years ago and our director gave her that at the shower. I so wanted to get married when she was still our director so I'd get one. It wasn't about having a "big" Book of Mormon and being better than anyone, I think it was more like Jon's point about having "illuminated manuscripts". In fact, Pete's point about not wanting to buy the art at Deseret Book is why I would prefer the Minerva Teichert book -- she's actually a very good artist compared to other LDS artists. (Don't you love how I call it the Minerva Teichert book? It's like the paintings are more important than the words inside).

    I just noticed the "Responsibility of LDS artists" second topic. If you want to do that one I can bring an LDS artist as a guest. Just let me know.

    I think humor in talks or fast and testimony meeting is just a personal strategy to grab attention or a way of relating to people in the audience. I agree with Andrew. I think jokes are great if it's part of your personality. God wants you to be yourself. Nothing wrong with it. But you shouldn't be sitting there on the pew, thinking of a joke that will impress the congregation. You're not trying to impress, you're wanting to be genuine and sincere. Like Rhett said, "Be real." that's what touches people.

  5. Oh, SRA. J Kirk Richards is a great LDS artist. Successful too. And, good to hear from Rhett :)

  6. Laura: The first time I saw the picture, I had to have it. Thankfully, DB was having a big art sale last year and I got it for like 70% off, which made it about $90. It is SUCH a cool picture...the red-robed Savior is the focal point, and it looks like He is surrounded by sheep, but when you look closer, you see that the sheep are actually people prostrating themselves before Him. Very cool.