Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rodcast 102: Dragg-unz

So Sunday School was pretty fun this week. We had the weird "mourn" baptismal covenant, the self-baptism, preaching vs. teaching, Alma-socialism, dragons and of course the justified punishments of Limhi vs. the unjustified punishments of Alma.

Second topic consisted of us complaining about the pronunciation guide. Some of us have never said "it doesn't matter" more vehemently.

Download here!

Here is a link to the BCC article Jon attempted to find on air, but couldn't.

Here is a link to the pronunciation guide article that Pete mentioned.


  1. Whoa! Did my last comment come in while you were recording this episode? That's pretty awesome it was able to be mentioned.

    RE: my comment on Rodcast 20 and Carol's recent comment. I had some free time and listened to the back episodes and left a note on a particularly good Rodcast. It seems you don't know if comments are left on old episodes.

    The suggestion in Mosiah to mourn, and comfort, and bless each other is a call to be a Zion people. Zion will not be anything like the political systems of government we have now. Some forms of government might be closer to Zion, but man cannot come up with a perfect system God has planned for us. Zion is exciting to think about, because entire cities and civilizations achieved Zion in the past. They probably had attributes that both socialists and capitalists like.

    It will be hard to comment on the pronunciation guide with text, so I'll just say I voted to not standardize the names in the scriptures. And great reading material from Pete on pronunciation.

    Jon's link reminded me of the Spencer W Kimball book, "Faith precedes the miracle." Bad things happen to everyone, but also good things happen too. What do you learn from your trials and successes.

    Did your ward(s) mention anything about Memorial day last week? We only sang "America the Beautiful" for an opening song. Besides that no mention of remembering the fallen. The cemetery was busy yesterday, so perhaps no mention was needed.

  2. One more thing, flipping through pages would be a great time to sing on the Rodcast.

  3. For me, the "mourn with those that mourn" passage has to do with giving up your judgmentality. One of my favorite SS comments ever was when someone...I don't remember where or an SS class I was in years ago said that those phrases speak nothing about how we feel about the person we are to serve in each situation. It isn't about those who deserve to have others mourn with them, it isn't about those who deserve to be comforted. It is about us giving up our opinions about others and meeting them where they are. After all, that is what God does with us, and so what we, if we are true Christians, need to seek to do as our first get rid of the value judgments and just go and be with those who are struggling.

    Pd: Indigent is a word. Yes. And it appears you used it correctly in context.

    It is true that no man lives unto himself. Our choices have consequences for us, our families, our coworkers, our posterity...lots of people we know and maybe even more we will never know. And yes, if God micromanaged the human race, it would honestly be like Satan's plan. Our agency would be severely violated and our opportunity for exaltation would be destroyed because we would have no way to prove ourselves worthy of such a life in eternity.

    Should the subtitle of the Rodcast be "So We Can Talk About Things That Don't Matter"? I think that would be fun.

    So far as pronunciations go, I think the different ways words are pronounced (BoM and otherwise) in other countries adds color and flavor to things. I actually voted twice...once for each side...because there are positive, valid arguments for both ideas as to whether standardization is the best thing or not. Overall, though, I don't think pronunciation is critical to one's salvation, and so should just be left to the local linguistic style.