Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rodcast 109: Uniforms

Alma's my favorite, but does he like, bend the truth?

We also discussed the church dress code again. Lava-lavas and kilts were the instigators, but far from the most interesting.

Download here!

Next week: Mitt!


  1. Having hi-fi sound this week was awesome. Thank you.

    Isn't it great when someone you only see once in awhile remembers your name when you see them? Love those people.

    FLIP FLOPS ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT CHURCH-APPROPRIATE. Another one of my soapboxes (with Diet Coke)...I come unglued like Pd.'s mom. You are worshipping God, girls. He could well show up during the meeting. Would you feel OK with that, considering how you're dressed? Ugh ugh ugh. You can wear them pretty much anywhere else, but church and the temple and other religious gatherings are a no. If you are not a member or are trying to come back after being inactive, that is OK. But those who know better, do better. And yes, shirt and tie is different from the flip-flop question.

    I've never heard the thing about blacking out the stitching on Docs. That's ridiculous, as is criticism of a guy's tie choice unless it has a naked lady on it. They are still appropriate dress choices. Flip-flops are not.

    Politics next time? Oh, this'll be fun.


  2. Song request for Pete: verse 3 and 4 of Hymn 241.

    I agree with Pete about what people wear to church. The important thing is to get people to come. Eventually, people will learn to be obedient and change themselves.

    I like wearing my short sleeve white shirt in the summer. I only wear ties like they wear in General Conference though (no pictures). I've only seen seen a kilt in church once, and it kind of freaked me out. I shouldn't be seeing a dudes knees in church. Although, Polynesians are awesome and on a higher spiritual plane.

    I'm still interested in hearing Pete's Mom's opinion about the YW program. Maybe next time he visits he should plan to record a conversation somehow.

    I think you might be surprised if you do a little bit of research for the Great and Spacious building topic.

    I hope you have someone lined up to talk about the conservative/right side of the political spectrum to offset all the democrats that like to hang around the Rodcast. The "White horse prophecy" will probably come up. My pet peeve is always bias in the media. I don't like that people who are critical of President Obama are labeled as racists. Also, the meme that is going around about how the republicans are "far right extremists."

    I don't understand what the big deal is about Harry Reid calling out Romney for not releasing his tax returns. If Reid was that concerned about any shenanigans, why doesn't he get President Obama to audit Romney? The IRS is part of the executive branch, which Obama is in charge of.

    Talking about politics is always fun.


  3. You forgot the new poll! (Look-alikes)

  4. I'm making a list of what you guys should give up for lent next year. I'm adding "giving up trying to be so cool" on Jon's list. I just want to see what happens.

    I was talking to my dad this morning on the way to work about Mitt Romney. He wants to know what's going to happen with him going to church every week. I know we talked about the temple, but he said everyone in his ward or branch is going to have to go through a metal detector and the bishop is going to have to ask everyone to come early so church can start on time after everyone goes through an intense screening process. It's intense just going to a building where the president is, but being in the SAME ROOM...that's another story.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the poll. The truth, however, is that I didn't forget. For some reason Blogger keeps giving me an error message every time I try to post it up. I'll continue working on it. In the meantime, nobody forget what the poll is supposed to be.

    I may try that "stop trying to be cool thing." First result? Laura stops coming over.

  6. Hmm. I just re-read my last comment and it may sound like I was saying I didn't want Laura to come over. This, of course, was not what I meant. I meant that wouldn't it be funny if Laura told me to do it and as a result I'm not cool enough for her to want to come over anymore. I think the joke would have been funnier if it was said out loud. There are certain subtleties that I think are more obvious audibly. Anyway, this is why I don't usually leave comments.

  7. It might be fun to observe Ramadan next year.