Friday, August 31, 2012

Rodcast 110: Mitt

Alright, fine. We took a break. Sorry.

For Sunday school we did a vague overview of the second half of Alma. Wars 'n stuff.

Second topic, just in time for the Republican National Convention, was a revisiting of politics. We decided to take it easy and not have any guests, figuring that the real juicy debate is about to take place in the comments section.

Download here!

There are, however, two points that I believe I may have forgotten to make. 

We glanced at a short article and sort of referenced it ( Here's an interesting quote from it:

"[The Republicans have] been brilliant at creating this image of what a Democrat is and how it's the antithesis of what an active LDS person is."

Is this true?

Also, I've always considered myself pro-life because I'm uncertain when life actually begins and want to play it safe. Does the church's stand on abortion affect what you think on when life begins?

Next week: temple sealings! Or maybe outer darkness!


  1. It's great to hear your mellifluous voices again. The Hi-Fi can be saved for special occasions.

    A tip for Pete. If you download the audiobook files (.m4b) you can enjoy extra features with your iPod. Like listening on double speed, and remembering the last played position. I also really like the guy who they got to read the Old Testament.

    I vote that you should do a live show sometime, if I can participate somehow.

    Pete's Mom sounds about as computer literate as my Mom. My mom won't have anything to do with computers. Although I think my mom could figure out an iPad. A lot of old people seem to like the iPad at church.

    I like that the Church teaches that there are good points in all political parties. The Kingdom of God will probably use the "best practices" of all governing systems.

    Interesting thought about the secret service having to attend church. But wouldn't the teacher adapt the lesson for nonmembers in the room? I don't know much about teaching, but I've heard that the discussion can be led in different directions and topics depending on the class.

    I think a lot of church members would be Democrats if they were against abortion. That is a big issue for a lot of people. I mostly am against abortion, it only should be for rare instances. If people followed that law of chastity, they wouldn't be needing abortions.

  2. I tend to believe that no imperfection our bodies had in this life could be held against us in the eternities. I guess that means I believe in the "knowledge dump" concept. I just can't see a need for physical therapy or occupational therapy or anything like that. The place in the brain that controls balance and such wasn't used as it would have been had the person had all their limbs, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't or wouldn't function given the need/chance to do so. Resurrected bodies will just know more, I guess you could say.

    Saw a guy coming from the temple the other week wearing a lava lava. Thought of you guys and how he is obviously on a higher spiritual plane than us whities. Also, flip-flops are OK for them. Cultural issue there. No tie? Well, I won't argue with them. Not my preference, but not the end of the world, either.

    The Lehonti story is a fave of Bro. Anderson's...and it is definitely a good example of how the adversary works, to be sure.

    I think a live Rodcast would be awesome. I'd feel like Liz Lemon doing one of the live eps of "30 Rock". Sweet.

    Did you catch the Gawker article about Mitt Romney's investments and the lack of honesty about the blind trust? Google it.

    By the way, Mitt's a high priest. Having Secret Service agents sit through that class won't be an issue. Everyone will be asleep anyway. haha...stereotypes...

    Pres. Obama goes to church, and I doubt any of the people attending church with him have to get screened or whatever. I think the trick is to go to a different church from week to week and not have the location be on any schedules anywhere. Mitt might follow that lead and attend a different ward from week to week, should he become president. Keep the bad guys from being able to plan to confront him because he goes to the same building every Sunday. Slip in, slip out...sacrament only...pretty simple.

    Ramadan 2013 will be July 9-August 7. Not looking good for you, Pd.

    I'm with Pd. If Jon Huntsman had been on the ballot, I would have voted for him. Yes, over Obama. If he gets his chance in 2016, I may well vote for him. We'll see where I am politically/socially at that time, but there is certainly a chance for that to happen. He is a solid, intelligent, likeable centrist, so my hope is that MAYBE in the next 4 years, the party polarization will subside so he can have a shot. Same thing with Jim Matheson running for governor. I won't be in Utah 4 years from now if he goes for it (yes, I'm moving back to PA next year), but I would have voted for him for that office, given the chance.

    My feeling about abortion is that of Mitt and the Church: abortion is permissible in cases of rape, incest, or health of the mother. Otherwise, no. It's not there for your convenience or if the condom breaks or anything like that. Plenty of couples would love to be able to adopt. The Republican platform for this election includes a provision that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, and I cannot support that.

    I am a Democrat because of the belief in a real, solid social safety net. Caring for the poor...part of the now-four-fold mission of the Church...but yet the Church members who are supposed to take the concept seriously have no problem with plans to slash federal social programs and foreign aid, but hold harmless the defense budget. I cannot support that sort of prioritization.


  3. One more thing. I've been thinking a lot about the division in politics. Republicans say Democrats are evil, Democrats say Republicans are evil blah blah. The population is actually sick of all the bickering. We are the UNITED States of America. We can't let the enemies of the nation/church divide us. "Divided we fall..."

    In case you can't tell by the posts I've made, I'll admit I'm a Republican. But I like to sit down and enjoy the company of Democrats, perhaps debate public policy, and the vision we both have for the nation. We can "agree to disagree" on some points, but we can still be agreeable. I'm looking forward to, and trying to picture what Zion will be like. We probably have elements that both D's and R's like.

    Anyhow, I sent a clip of President Benson to Pete at TW5 that would be very appropriate for the Rodcast as well.

    Have a great week everyone.