Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rodcast 113: Barely Regal

Okay, so it's old news, but we mostly talked about General Conference in this one -- with a particular emphasis on the missionary age announcement.

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  1. The mission dating thing never crossed my mind when I heard the news about the age changes for missions. Interesting thought, though. Definitely valid.

    Having been taught by a trainer and a greenie when I was investigating the Church, I can vouch for the idea that new missionaries make a difference in the work. I thought the trainer was the greenie and vice versa. Really impressive young man he was.

    The idea of a kid going straight from high school to the mission kind of...concerns me, I guess. I agree with Pd that the year between 18 and 19 can be critical. It can mature you a lot if you go to school or live away from home or have a full-time job or something like that. Kind of hard to think that's appropriate in a lot of cases, so it is good that it's going to be decided on a case-by-case basis. I just hope that 18 doesn't become the norm right off the bat (or at all). It's just too young to make it the 'typical'/'expected' age. 19 is still really young in the minds of many nonmembers.


  2. It's always nice to see a new Rodcast downloading in the feed. (I hope you enjoyed your time off during the hiatus) I'm glad to hear Jon's computer is back up to speed. From my experience the guys a Simply Mac seem to know what they are doing, they fixed my computer.

    Your listeners like iPete singing, turning him down is a party foul.

    I hope iPete is getting used to his 'Air' and getting some work done at his new job. Sounds like he has a pretty sweet deal.

    The big news this past Conference is exciting to think about. There are concerns about maturity levels of 18 yo's, but they will just have to rise to the challenge. Culturally kids in the U.S. are pretty spoiled and soft. Part of the problem is parents are over protecting and not allowing teenagers to have adult responsibilities. So kids don't have to mature until they are in their 20s. I agree with Jon, the year of college before a mission is somewhat a waste of time. I like the idea of taking time away from schooling and going to the mission field. Then after two years away from schooling, you have more enthusiasm for higher education.

    Overall, I see the lower age as more positive than negative.

    My favorite three Nephite story was actually told on 'Car Talk.' About a mysterious man in white who helped started a broken car of a visiting tourist couple.