Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rodcast 115: R

Scott guested again to share a few R-rated movie suggestions. Also, don't watch them. Don't watch ANY movies apparently.

For the record, the person typing this sentence doesn't feel there's anything wrong with self-flagellation in the name of holiness -- just as long as the individual realizes the pain could, literally not in a million years, come close to Atonement levels.


You demanded it! You viewed it! You can't un-view it!

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Next Rodcast: Battlestar Galactica! (we're totally trying to hemorrhage listeners)


  1. Wait a minute, when did it become a rule that your listeners have to be on the show?

  2. The Halloween costume. Wow.

    I've listened to some of the conversations on that program, and I would say that they did make me ponder. They provided me with a good example of gospel principles being lived, and it led to me thinking about how I can be better in my own life about integrating a given concept the interviewee mentioned. So far as right before or after church goes, I would say that I am the type who, throughout the week, remembers things from what was said at church. If anything, I guess right before and after church would be a good time to ask the Lord that what you're about to be taught/what you've just been taught will have real, actual application in your life that week. That gets said in the prayers at church sometimes, true, but to ask for it yourself would be significant, I think, as it becomes a personal thing. But listening to stuff instead of pondering? Ehh.

    When I asked President Dunn about why R-rated movies are such a big deal in the Church, he told me that the reason why we're advised not to watch them is because they can be 'injurous to our spirits'. They can desensitize us. R-rated movies can be the toehold the adversary wants and needs in order to get us to be OK with worse things. To my mind, it is a wearing-down process. One R-rated movie isn't going to turn us, but if we feel OK with one...then two...then on and on...continually rationalizing our watching them...if we are so proud as to think we 'can't be touched', it can turn into a slippery slope that affects areas of our lives about which we never originally intended to be less vigilant. I like that perspective...the 'injurous to our spirits' statement...because it doesn't put the movies in a vacuum. It calls out the adversary's idea that movies are innocent and don't or wouldn't necessarily have a connection to other parts of your life. The movie in and of itself may not endanger you, but the effects of the choice to watch it can.

    However, not ALL R-rateds are bad or should be rejected by Church people. For me, "Schindler's List" is the R-rated that comes to mind. Sometimes movies with a strong, meaningful message have such a rating. Approach with caution, of course...consider the director and theme and such things...but don't just look at the rating and let that get the last word. There are actually quite a few PG-13s that are worse than Rs, if you ask me.

    I agree with Pd about the ratings. Church members need to think for themselves and not let an arbitrary rating make the decisions for them. That's something that drives me crazy about some members...all that matters to them is the rating. Oversimplification/laziness, to me. Yes, more R-rateds aren't worthy watching than other ratings, but there is a need to be a discerning consumer for oneself and not leave it up to the rating to make up a person's mind. There are gory, difficult parts of history, etc. that are worth seeing in spite of the 'R'.

    I also appreciated Jn's point about how we've come to see 'G' movies as kids' stuff and 'R' rated movies as adult stuff, and how the content has followed suit. Don't know that I had thought of that before, but it's very true. Ratings have evolved to that point, for better or worse. Cinema is not to be's just that we need to do our homework before going to the movie so as to care more about the content and the message than the rating. Not that rating doesn't matter, but it shouldn't be everything.

    I liked Scott's comment about how people will pat themselves on the back for not watching 'R'-rated movies, but listen to offensive music and the like. It's too bad that 'R'-rateds are something behind which people hide to try and make themselves feel/look righteous. Ugh. Invitations to hypocrisy are never good.

    Really good discussion, guys. Kudos.

    Talking about BSG? [expletive deleted]


  3. I look forward to a rousing discussion about BSG. I have lots of opinions on that (or Trek) but I'll wait to hear what you all say.

    From now on I'm singing 'If you could hie to cobol' an appropriate hymn for Pete to sing perhaps?

  4. Wait - does this mean I have to choose between the listeners of "TrekWest5 Galactica" and the Rodcast next week? Or are you going to be able to have a completely "spoiler free" conversation about BSG?