Monday, December 24, 2012

Rodcast 117: Christmas 2012

Are you ready for the most secular Christmas discussion ever done on a religious podcast? Well first you'll have to sit through a bit of Etherial musings (musings regarding Ether).

I said Hanukkah Harry was Phil Hartman, but it was obviously Jon Lovitz.

That Christmas quiz we took? You can take it too. Right here. It's messed up. I took it like 10 times after the recording and it doesn't count any form of right answer for the busiest shopping day of the year. Not the day after Thanksgiving, not Christmas Eve, nothin'. Also, apparently the suicide rate stays the same, the two brothers exchanged moleskin pants, the reindeer are named Dunder & Blixem and early candy canes had no stripes (no symbolism apparently).

Download here!

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  1. I wasn't prepared for a new Rodcast so soon, so I didn't submit my comment in time.

    Maybe Pete can start a Kickstarter project to fund a search for the meaning of Christmas. I could be his guide to help him find his Christmas spirit, and Jon could document the journey. We could visit all the famous Christmas sites around the world. It could be amazing.

    I also don't like the shopping for gifts. It might be that I don't like giving gifts out of obligation. Sometimes I think of the perfect gift for certain people, but not very often. Your friend Jaime sounds like she has a gift to know what others want, it is fun to give gifts when you know that they will be gladly received. Jon IS great at giving gifts for Christmas, I liked the gift he sent me last year.

    The internet really does need a special sarcastic font sometimes.

    I hope Pete enjoys his Christmas vacation. He deserves the rest.

  2. I don't see the poll, and this is disappointing. If he's earning money, I have to think that it's different than playing in Sacrament meeting. I am loathe to say, "dude is breaking the Sabbath" because I don't want to judge (maybe if I had never worked on a Sunday....) Now, if he volunteers to play the organ, I think that's good,but he shouldn't give it his best effort. That way people who are on the fence about going to that church will say, "should we go to that church?" and then their friend would say, "we could, but the organ music isn't great. Hey, let's go to that Mormon church. It says that visitors are welcome!" A missionary tool, maybe.

    Is Stan sarcastic? I don't know, I sometimes think sarcasm is just a mean person's way of being more mean. Was I being sarcastic when I said I was uplifted by your program? No. It may be irreverent, but there is a lack of adult entertainment that I would feel comfortable having my kids listen to as well. I find that uplifting. Plus, the conversations I hear you having are not so different than I would have in the cultural hall after our ward Christmas party. So I appreciate that and am uplifted by it. I laugh frequently during your podcast.

    On Christmas and having the Christmas spirit. I have 6 kids, and the youngest two still believe and so it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the season...even though I refer to the week before Christmas as "hell week." Kids don't let you become to casual about Christmas. Once you are married and have kids, Pete, see if it changes for you. Deep in my heart, though, I can be a little Grinch-ish even still. As for Christmas music year around...could possibly be grounds for divorce. I think there is something in the Old Testament about that. Maybe in Leviticus.

  3. "We should install exhaust fans...everywhere." Quote of the podcast by Pd.

    I love Christmas, by the way. I don't see myself getting married or having kids, which apparently makes the celebration all the greater, but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I think it is a great time to be generous with others...particularly strangers via charities, Sub for Santa, etc....and to bring that positive spirit with you into the new year. I also love all the junk food everywhere...the cookie plates and other sweets, the gallons of hot chocolate and nog, etc.

    And yes, this probably was the most secularly-oriented Christmas discussion I can remember.


  4. Did you guys set a resolution to not post any more podcasts?

  5. Alas, if only we made that resolution...