Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rodcast 124: Demon

0:00 -- Minutes
2:02 -- Shout outs and Pete's card (3/6)
8:27 -- Polls
10:04 -- Sunday school (Lesson 15: "Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts," Lesson 16: "Thou Shalt ... Offer Up Thy Sacraments upon My Holy Day")
39:07 -- Email regarding Book of Mormon Musical and conversion through media
43:18 -- Listener comments
1.05:10 -- Demonic possession

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Next Rodcast: Murder!


  1. I just voted (for probably the third time or so) and it didn't register, even when I refreshed it. :(

    Here's the Marvin J. Ashton Conference talk (October 1987) that Pd. referenced when you were discussing gifts of the Spirit:

    "There Are Many Gifts"

    Good one.

    I was not getting at believing that there are humans on other planets. I was just stating that of all God's creations...all the planets, etc., and to think that we were sent here, that the Savior was sent here, etc. I don't personally believe there is a parallel existence out there similar to what we have here. I believe the gospel was only restored here and is only in effect here. I don't believe there is high-level enough life out there to need an Atonement made for them. Worlds without number has He created, and here we are on 'the one'.

    I liked Jn's thought about how some of the 1/3 who left the presence of God are so desperate to change sides and worship Christ that they do things similar to what happened with the Gadarene demoniac. Insightful.

    I'll look forward to your discussion of whether there is such a thing as pardonable murder.

    My second topic discussion thought for this week: your favorite General Conference talk of all time, and why it is so meaningful to you. I know I have one...


  2. Another awesome, thought provoking Rodcast!

    Good. News. Everyone!

    Point of inquiry: Is the Rodcast going to continue on next year? Next year will be back to the Old Testament for Sunday School. You'll really be in repeat territory then. It seems like a natural ending point, unless you decided to talk more about current LDS events. I like the free flowing conversation though, it's great to talk and think about SS and Church outside of the formal three hour block. Just a thought.

    I thought the Rodcast had an intern to fix things? He should know how to fix the polls. Perhaps it's just Blogger's fault. It happens a lot with big companies, they come up with awesome products that everyone loves, but then they don't maintain or push updates regularly. So the product becomes stagnant and basically falls apart. Gmail used to be the best free email system, but then when everybody signed up google stopped innovating.

    There are as many Gifts of the Spirit as there are kinds of people. I don't have a gift for teaching, but I do have a gift for organizing and administration. I too liked Jn's point about how the missionary is not speaking a different language very well, and so the Spirit helps the learner hear what should be being spoken. I see why Pd got a bit of a chuckle out of that thought.

    I have a story from my mission about demonic possession, although it might be apocryphal. I heard that one time a missionary with a broken arm went to 'Holy Roller' tent revival one time. The preacher and everyone were having a good time, then they started to call people out of the audience to be healed. The missionary got called out and the preacher healed him. The shocked missionaries called up the mission president and he rushed to the missionaries and 'cast out the devil' and then the arm broke again. What do you all think?

    Thanks for reminding me of the story of Legion. It was a nice reminder what a great privilege it is to have a body.

    Thoughts on murder:

    Murder is not pardonable, nor forgivable. However there are different degrees of killing. Crimes of passion, like where Smeagol fought with Deagol and ended up accidentally killing him is probably the most forgivable situation. If you're not thinking rationally, you have a bit of an excuse. Although a terrible wrong has occurred and restitution would need to be considered. We need to be in control of ourselves and not let our thoughts get out of control. This situation might be pardonable murder.

    I've never thought about whether I have a favorite General Conference talk of all time, but I like the idea. I bet I could come up with something.

    Good news, everyone!

    Well, keep it awesome dudes.

  3. Alexis reminded me of this when talking about women's speech patterns in conference. The first 30 seconds is awesome:

  4. Also, when talking about the gifts of the spirit, jon always tries to equate them to mutant power from X-men. So the translation one is Cypher. But I agree with jon, on the mission there were times when the spirit helped the missionary communicate AND/OR helped the investigator understand what was being said.

  5. Hey guys! I have been called out and I must respond! Yep, still listening, just not commenting as much as I probably should.

    I had meant to comment on the last episode about the conversation on other planets (I like discussing science/evolution). The short version of my comment was that if life on other planets evolved through some mechanism similar to our DNA/RNA then there is almost no way they would look even remotely like us. Now, if we're going with the explanation that life was created, just as we believe we were, then I don’t see why they wouldn't look like us. As for the theory that the atonement of Christ is good for other life on other planets, I tend to side with PD and think that it doesn’t work that way. Who is to say that the life on other planets is even sentient and thereby able to discern right from wrong and commit sin? I guess I don’t know what to say about Jn’s theory about Christ going to all those planets and serving as a sacrifice for them as well. Christ did say there were other sheep not of this fold, maybe He meant it in an even broader sense.

    Since I tried to vote on the polls and got nowhere: Yep, I would take a peek. And yes, I think the Packer references are funny.

    I liked the discussion on possession and Jn’s idea that demons are part of the 1/3 of the host of Heaven that have changed their minds. It’s a very interesting way to think about it. Maybe we could work out a prisoner swap and trade some of our really bad people here for the ones that changed their minds there.

    As for the next episodes 2nd topic, I think if we call it murder than it’s probably unpardonable. Of course, murder would be separate from killing someone in self defense, killing someone while engaged in war, or killing someone by accident. Murder is killing for some sort of selfish reason (to get gain, revenge, pleasure, etc.). This leads to another possible second topic: euthanasia. Where would that fall on the scale of killing?