Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rodcast 123: Worlds

0:00 -- Minutes
2:49 -- Jon's card (2/6)
6:56 -- Polls/ email question
10:47 -- Sunday school (Lesson #12 (concentration), Snow #8, Lesson #10)
28:30 -- Listener comments
54:00 -- Life on other worlds
1.19:13 -- Wrap up and next topic

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  1. Funny. I was just looking over some old posts. The last 15 minutes of Rodcast 53 pretty much has our exact same conversation about aliens. We're in heavy repeats, obviously. See? This is why we don't do it weekly anymore.

  2. I disagree Jon, I just listened to the end of Rodcast 53, and while there were some similar elements the conversation was different. You're not repeating topics as much as you think. It might be more fun with a third host? Is there a chance of finding a third roommate again?

    Jesus The Christ is available for download on the Church website. So Pete should have no trouble finding it.

    Interesting note about the new scriptures; the announcement noted that no one should feel compelled to buy the new scriptures right away. So go ahead and keep the old version on your electronic devices, the text is basically the same.

    Congrats to Pete for getting the calling he wants, I'm glad that Church is more enjoyable for him. I would be interested in hearing a famous Pete lesson sometime. I might look into showing up to a class some time.

    I think there is something wrong with the polls, it didn't seem to register my vote last time.

    The "Law of Concentration" joke is great, I'm surprised it didn't get more appreciation.

    We also had the Law Of Consecration last week. They main point we talked about was, it's not really a problem that we are provided for, the problem comes when we see that others are provided differently. The farm or property I receive will be just what I need, but Pete will receive something different. If we want to live consecration better, we need to get over comparing ourselves. I don't need to worry about what Pete has because I have sufficient for my needs.

    Steph is right on in her comments about women and the Priesthood. Sometimes, men are too timid defending this issue, because it does seem that women are being diminished in the Church. So when the point is brought up that a woman has never said a prayer in Conference, something needs to be done to fix that. Women are not being diminished, they just serve in different roles. Men and Women are different. Also, Pete is right as well, anybody can seek counsel and support from anyone, but there are certain things that can only be handled by a Bishop. I also appreciate Jon's comment about how he is more comfortable talking to a woman. Does that make him a mama's boy?

    Life on other worlds:

    You didn't bring up the most fascinating idea that i've heard. Perhaps life can be moved from one planet to another as God sees fit. One possible explanation for where the lost tribes of Israel is, they were taken to other worlds. Probably through a Stargate or something. We just have have the technology to understand how Stargates work. So some of the worlds have other humans.

    Anyhow, I like the picture of Pete and Jon recording in the dark as the sun goes down. What an inspiring way to save energy by not turning on a light.


  3. Good news, everyone! (I just like hearing Jn say it in that funny voice)

    Yes! I now commenting. Believe it or not.

    I reckon Wyclef Jean is Haitian, actually. Close...Hispaniola neighbor to the DR...but the French/Creole side, not the Spanish side.

    I'm with Pd. Unless you're told expressly otherwise, go ahead and peek at the plates!

    Elder Clayton's talk was the one from Sunday morning about quality marriages. Good stuff.

    Set a precedent (as an example, a first, etc.). Take precedence (or, in other words, overrule).

    I do think dogs go to heaven. The point is to fulfill the measure of one's creation, no matter how high-level that measure is. If dogs or any other animal fulfills its measure, it gets in.

    I actually really enjoyed the 'life on other worlds' discussion. There was something really...encouraging...about it. As in it kind of testifies to the greatness of God, and also the uniqueness of us as humans and this planet overall. Kind of amazing that out of all the planets and whatnot He created, Christ came to this planet, the gospel was restored here, etc. That's the thought I came away with from the conversation. Something an old Institute teacher said once in class...kind of cool to be reminded of it here.

    And yes, I listened to the whole thing. On Quick Time, so I didn't have any time codes available. But trust me, I didn't turn it off. It was less sci-fi-heavy of a conversation than I'd expected.

    Can you guys discuss whether all murder is unpardonable, or if there are circumstances where it is? That's my suggestion.


  4. The Church blocks sites and content on their wifi. For a while they blocked some facebook functionality (for example you could get on facebook, but pictures wouldn't load). They loosened restrictions when some Church sites wouldn't work.

    The best center piece for Church was when jon used to bring in the bag of flour when he taught priesthood. Probably the biggest stretch for a pun in the history of the Church (well at least the most committed pun).