Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rodcast 126: Talks

Many apologies! This was recorded like, two weeks ago.

0:00 -- Bump into
3:40 -- Minutes, more bump intos
11:30 -- Jon's card (2.5/6)
16:34 -- Polls
18:24 -- Sunday school (Lesson 20: The Kingdoms of Glory), Jon's talk
40:49 -- Comments
63:12 -- Favorite talks

Download here!

Next Rodcast: Responsibility for people affected by sins of omission.


  1. I was starting to wonder whether you'd come back again or were on summer vacation or what. But here you are! Yay!

    And Pd. even sang! Bonus!

    I agree that the Bruce R. final talk is awesome. Did you notice that Pres. Packer's talk this past Conference had a lot of shades of the Bruce R. final?

    Have you read Sis. McConkie's backstory to that talk? Check here about halfway down. Pretty great.

    Also, a couple years ago, you guys mentioned Elder Patrick Kearon's Priesthood Session talk. That one was whoa-level powerful. I'm glad you guys shared it here on the podcast 'cuz I don't know I would have paid attention to it otherwise.

    I liked all of your picks. Thanks for sharing.


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  3. I found the talk I was referring to about Pres Benson getting up and saying Amen after President Hinckley spoke:

  4. Pete's awesome clip for this Rodcast is "Why are there no daughters of Perdition." About 23 minutes in.

    Absence must really make the heart grow fonder because it lit up my day when I saw a new Rodcast downloading in my feed reader. Hooray!

    So does the delayed posting mean that Vitamin E already recorded the next Rodcast? Time travel always gives me a headache.

    I also like Bruce R's final talk as well, thanks for finding the story from his wife, SRA. I also like Pres. Hinkley's credit card/temple recommend talk. My favorite talk is by Elder Holland in April 1996. My favorite part of this talk: "I know that a talk in general conference is not going to cut through the centuries of temporal inequity that have plagued humankind, but I also know that the gospel of Jesus Christ holds the answer to every social and political and economic problem this world has ever faced."

    Pete's ward sounds like a lot of fun. It's hard to believe he has a difficult time showing up there