Monday, July 8, 2013

Rodcast 127: Flaggy

We recorded this on Independence Day, so we obviously had to complain about our country (as is Rodcast tradition this time of year).

2:35 -- Pete's card (3/6)
7:35 -- Sunday school (Lesson 22: The Word of Wisdom: "A Principle with Promise," Lesson 23: "Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith")
32:23 -- Listener comments
39:39 -- This year's patriotism

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Next Rodcast: That responsibility thing that has to do with omission that we skipped this last time!


  1. I really loved your 4th of July breakfast, Jn. Very much American-style.

    I agree that there isn't really a definition of 'the best books.' It really is personal. Stuff that I may like to read, you may not, and vice versa. Stuff that you might find really meaningful might make me roll my eyes. I do think there is certain content that is an absolute no, as with movie content or content in any other form of media. Beyond that, though, it's personal taste.

    God's idea of intelligence isn't from books. It's from knowing Him, keeping the commandments, and the like. I've been reading "The Infinite Atonement" the past couple weeks (I thought of you guys when the author came out and basically said that he believes that the Atonement works for all of God's creations, including those on other worlds, along with the idea that there are intelligent beings on other planets, but Christ came to this one because it had the greatest cross-section of humanity available to be affected (or not) by the Atonement) and it has shown me that knowledge is power, power is freedom, and freedom is the life God lives, which is available to us through the Atonement. So...God's intelligence has very little to do with books. It really is light & truth.

    Yes, an American flag over the sacrament is really terrible. Eek.

    I love hearing Jn. speaking on 'patriotism.' Love it.

    Also, Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain. Ireland (with the green/white/orange flag) is not. The Union Jack is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland is white field with a red X (St. Patrick's Saltire), Scotland is blue with a white X, England is white with a red cross).

    Loved the flag review. Hilarious. "I like the Argentinian relaxes me."

    I am with you on the patriotic hymns needing to be removed from the hymnbook, and not standing for the Star Spangled Banner and such. And I agree with Pd. with the idea that other countries should be able to do their national anthem on their Independence Day or other such day of observance.

    "I would love to see church not be like a Republican fundraiser each week." Best line in a long time. Amen and amen. That is one thing I will say for singles get very little in the way of politics over the pulpit or in the classes. Family wards, though? Reminds me of Eagle Forum lady from the fam ward my roommate attended while we lived on Capitol Hill. Oy oy oy.

    Oh, and my actual second topic is whether when, by your choices, you cause another person to suffer, are you held responsible for that suffering you caused, knowingly or unknowingly? Not about sin...about suffering.


  2. Jon's breakfast seems to be a very patriotic choice. Many have fought and died to protect the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted, including the freedom to eat what we want.

    We should seek out as much knowledge as we can, because whatever we learn in this life will rise with us in the next. It might be somewhat of a disadvantage that we live in the information age. There is SO much to learn and read about in any subject, no one is able to learn all there is to know about anything. We still need to read and learn all we can, so that we understand the world.

    Just because you don't live the Word of Wisdom fully, doesn't mean that you can't have an opinion on it. Is there anyone around that keeps all the commandment fully? We learn by doing, and sometimes we learn by doing wrongly.

    I like this definition of Patriotism: Love of one's country above all others. I think that on balance, the US has been a tremendous good for the world. There have been flaws and errors made, but there has never been a country that promotes freedom and peace to the world like our country. That is something that we all should be please with.

    I second the motion that the flag is not appropriate to be used to cover the Sacrament. However, it would be appropriate to display a flag in the Sacrament meeting closest to Independence day. Also, etiquette states that you should always stand when the national anthem is played, and not engage in other activities during the anthem. Singing along is appropriate but not required. I like that we sing three verses in our church meetings. My complaint is when an artist (like Christina Aguilera) uses the opportunity to showoff their talent and draw out the performance beyond reason. The artist can embellish a little bit, but the national anthem should be performed basically as written. (Google Robert Merrill performance for an example of how the national anthem should be performed)

    I also like the Union Jack. It is cool because it is a uniting of several different flags.

    Weren't the patriotic hymns in the book selected because they are appropriate for the english speaking world? There are other language hymnbooks that have different patriotic hymns appropriate for the specific language.

    When did it become the norm that when the flag is displayed it is a Republican commercial? Don't the Democrats like the flag and other symbols of patriotism?

    I really like Penn and Tellers guest appearance on the West Wing. There routine is a great example of how we should respect symbols for what they represent.