Monday, October 14, 2013

Rodcast 132: 183rd Semiannual

I'll be honest. We've done better conference Rodcasts. Next year I swear I'll pay better attention. Also, we said we'd hit the Priesthood Session, but I never found my notes. Alas. Anyway, Rhett phoned it in again.

0:00 -- New baby
8:07 -- Pete's card (1/6)
15:04 -- Minutes
16:34 -- Listener comments
24:49 -- Conference report
81:47 -- Side topics (City Weekly story, temple video)

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Next Rodcast: Not sure!


  1. Rhett's ironic shirt, "You're all hypocrites"...good stuff.

    Saturday talks>Sunday talks. Sister Stephens, President Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, Elder Dube were so great. Too bad Jn fell asleep listening to/watching Sis. Stephens.

    I tried to follow social media during April Conference real-time, and it really was unnecessarily distracting. This time, I did a lot more reading of tweets & Facebook posts in between sessions, but not during the sessions themselves, and that was a lot better for me.

    Watching Elder Oaks' talk live REALLY got me upset. It was, like Jn said, this time's anti-gay talk (to me). I had to go back and read the text of it a few days later, and it did help to read it. Calmed me down. I now think he was warning Church members not to make all marriages or straight, civil or religious. I don't do that...I know that the blessings of temple marriage are much, much greater than those of civil marriage (and so civil same-sex marriage), so I feel OK in my own mind about where I stand on the same-sex marriage issue. I am not looking for the Church to change policy and allow same-sex temple marriage. That really would be unthinkable. And Pd, the contrast was between Pres. Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Oaks' seemed very welcoming and magnanimous and the other seemed very divisive and condemning. My comment on Pres. Monson's talk was that it was probably the best one I've ever heard him give.

    We need another poll, btw. Haven't had one since like July (as you can tell...patriotic hymn question)...

    I really liked Elder Hamilton's talk from Sunday afternoon. That story about his grandparents going inactive because they decided they were going to take a drive in the country one Sunday instead of going to church was pretty powerful to me. Maybe because I've gone the inactive route myself and know that it is a slippery slope from choosing not to go one Sunday to not going for a long time.


  2. "The Mountain of The Lord" is still the best temple movie.

    My favorite conference story this time was President Monson's one about the good shepherd and the lazy shepherd. Also, was home teaching brought up more than usual this time around?