Friday, September 13, 2013

Rodcast 131: Heresitical

Rhett came in for a cameo again. As a result of general chattiness, some poorly-timed questions and Rhett's need to rant, we didn't even get to second topic. Surely the mail will be flooding in though.

0:00 -- Minutes
3:55 -- Breaking Bad discussion
7:25 -- Rhett's card (1/6)
14:05 -- Sunday school (Lesson 32: "To Seal the Testimony," Lesson 33: President Brigham Young Leads the Saints), Rhett's rants
61:29 -- Listener comments

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Next week: Dangerous women! Maybe! Or maybe face cards!


  1. NFLDS? Garbage. The sacrament matters more than football...and this is a girl talking who LOVES football. Sorry, Pd, but I have no respect for your decision. Find a sacrament meeting in the morning and watch football the rest of the day. Problem solved. Covenants renewed.

    BY definitely said things beyond his mantle. We know that, but those outside the Church tend to not. Kind of unfortunate for us. I am grateful there is greater 'quality control' now than ever before.

    I agree with Rhett (gasp!) on the issue of how change comes about in the Church. Just because a group wants something to happen doesn't mean the Lord will make it happen. We must submit to His will first and foremost. We must trust revelation comes to the chosen leaders. We must be patient and work through the correct channels, not become a law unto ourselves. And I agree with his point about how women don't need to be ordained to the Priesthood in order to receive all that they can in this life and the next. They need to look inside...look at the quality of their service under the current structure...before they ask for anything more. I loved his rant.

    Speaking of Priesthood Meeting party time, my roommate and I are going to either Lucky 13 or Cotton Bottom for burgers during Priesthood Meeting in a few weeks. Mmmmmmmm...(and also, it isn't just Priesthood meeting during Conference. It's stake Priesthood meetings and trainings and all that stuff that happen a lot more often. Why would you want to take that on?)

    Ah! Packer reference! I'd been missing them. Bleh.

    Eve gets a worse rap outside the LDS Church than inside it. I can pretty much promise you that. I remember being Catholic and then joining the Church and being impressed by the contrast between perspectives on her. (PS: I love Eve and the Choice Made in Eden. Read it years ago. Impressive work.)

    I also agree with Rhett's rant about people needing all the answers. What matters? The stuff in the temple recommend interview matters. The quality of your service to others matters. All the other stuff about degrees of glory and who's going to the celestial kingdom and all that will take care of itself. Promise. And esoteric is a great word.

    I also agree with Jn's idea about small sealings. I actually had a friend say to me that he would consider getting married outside the temple so more people could come. Ridiculous. I agree that having tons of people there is not at all critical.


  2. I suppose it's fortunate for me that I've never understood the importance of sports. So I've never had a problem attending church in the fall. My ward is having a tailgate party where you are encouraged to wear "your colors," I'm thinking of going in neutral gray.

    Thoughts of Breaking Bad, Hmmm I would have to say that show really knows how to ramp up the tension and emotion. Then they ramp up the excitement even more. I have mixed feelings about how the network spread the last season out over a year, I suppose they have to make money.

    I like reading about the crazy things Brother Brigham said. However, we should realize that he lived in a different time than we do. They had different concerns and worries. Recently my Bishop gave some interesting advice to parents, about how a few years ago the advice was to put computers in public places in the home, but nowadays everyone has smartphones that need to be used in new ways. What once was good advice can become obsolete. We shouldn't shun new technology, but we should be aware of the power that is available in our pockets.

    I've never heard the thought where the Lord was waiting for the activists to die down, but I really like it. I have read that President Mckay was concerned about all races having the Priesthood throughout his tenure. The policy could have been changed at any time, but the members weren't ready for it.

    It is a comforting thought to realize that the Lord is watching out for ALL of us, so I don't see why you couldn't liken where he says "your days will not be numbered less" to all. But when the Lord call Emma Smith an "elect Lady" he is definitely only talking to Emma. ;)

    Foreordination is a difficult doctrine to understand. I have a talk by Elder Maxwell, where he admits such. We all have our agency, but do you really think that God is surprised about the way things turn out? This topic is almost like trying to understand time travel in Star Trek, I always get a headache. But it is important to try and understand what I can. I could email you a link, a copy of this talk.

    I really like the way the blog post I sent in makes a point of how men should treat women. Women are responsible for how the dress in the morning, but men are also responsible for the way they look at women--no matter how they are dressed.

  3. Hi, it's me. It's been awhile. Every since Google Reader went away so did my blog reading. But I checked Feedly today. I've only missed one Rodcast?

    A couple thoughts on Women and the Priesthood: I agree with both Jon and Rhett. I wish I wanted to take the time to really articulate my thoughts but I don't. I agree with Rhett about "Ordain Women", the organized protests, and imperative nature of their organization totally rubs me the wrong way. And it makes me a little angry because I do kind of agree that these behaviors are more motivated by the adversary than they are by a humble follower of Christ.

    HOWEVER. I would hate if these protesting women detract from those women who are sincerely and patiently praying about this issue. What I don't want is for every woman who inquires (asks the right questions) to be labeled as "of the devil". You know what I mean? I don't think there's anything wrong with someone asking, "Yeah, why DON'T women hold the priesthood today?" And I don't think there's anything wrong with a woman who thinks that women should. I wouldn't be surprised if women do have the option to be ordained of the priesthood in my lifetime. I don't think there's a problem with grassroots and asking questions. I think that's why women started praying in Conference. Not because they demanded to, but because they asked the questions and people listened and someone thought, "Yeah, there's no reason they shouldn't."

    Oh, and by telling a woman that she's lucky she doesn't hold the priesthood because she doesn't have to go to more meetings is a little patronizing. That's like telling her she should be happy that she doesn't have to go to the office and work every day and she gets to stay at home and take care of the kids. You know what I mean? So I don't dig that argument.

    For the record, at this point in my life, I personally have no interest in holding the priesthood. I'm happy with my other responsibilities. But that's just me. But do I think women need more equal treatment in the church? Yeah, I do. Does that make me a feminist? Maybe. Does that me motivated by the devil? Of course not.

    Still haven't seen the new temple movie. Last time I tried I got ushered into an ASL session. Looking forward to it though.