Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rodcast 139: Outta Sight

0:00 -- Minutes and announcements
5:51 -- Pete's card (3.25/6)
12:12 -- Shawn joins
15:00 -- Jon's good report of Son of God
31:38 -- Lent report
38:03 -- Sunday school (Lesson 8: Living Righteously in a Wicked World, Pete's Word of Wisdom/chastity general/direct tangent, Lesson 9: "God Will Provide Himself a Lamb")
62:36 -- Listener comments

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  1. It's a travesty that more people don't listen to the Rodcast... This is the best Mormon podcast on the internet!

    If you set up the equipment and Rhett can't join in, I could be available to call in remotely if you want.

    I couldn't think of anything this year for Lent, so I went with the popular idea and decided to give up Facebook. It's working out pretty good for me too. Life looks better without that distraction!

    I don't go to many movies either, but I think I need to make a point and go see Son of God.

    There is a lyric in the song "Let It Go" that might be troubling for some Judeo-Christian people:

    "It's funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all

    It's time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I'm free!"

    Should we be concerned about promoting the idea no right, no wrong, no rules? So I can understand people being upset about the messaging. The whole idea that is in vogue these days where everything is OK as long as you don't harm others is a bad idea. The movie probably doesn't promote "the gay agenda" anymore than any Hollywood movie. It seems it is easy to be selfish, it is difficult to reach out to others. Maybe that is what Jon is supposed to do in his new calling?

  2. The Peter Breinholt impression by Shawn was excellent.

    "Pitched his tent"...*snicker snicker*

    I actually kind of rolled my eyes at the 'give up tithing' comment. lol

    For Lent, I gave up the 'up' elevator at work. Anytime I've needed to get up to my floor (6), I have taken the stairs. That usually means once a day, in the morning, but sometimes more. It's been good...I think I'm going to keep doing it even after Easter. A good habit to get into...glad Lent gave me the opportunity.

    I would really like it if the temple recommend interview question became more about generalized addictions and not just about alcohol, tobacco, etc. Mormons replace coffee or alcohol with Monster, Rockstar, Diet Coke, etc. They're still addicted to an unhealthy stimulant, and I wish the Church would take a stand on the principle and not be so focused on specific no-nos. It is a 'principle with promise', but it's become more letter-of-the-law in the years since it's been 'enforced', and I don't know that that's the way to go anymore.

    Also, I think it might be about time for the interview to get specific on the Law of Chastity. Pornography needs to be asked about, at least. So yes, Pd, I'd say I'm with you on this one. In this day and age, people need direct accountability on points like that. They need to go on the record about, well, private matters in this area of their life. It isn't prying if you aren't doing anything wrong (guess that's how I feel about the NSA too...).

    And yes, coffee and tea and alcohol are proscribed so as to give us easy missionary opportunities. Of course.


  3. • Ever since the Lot sarcasm lesson, I’ve been looking for the scriptures that sound the funniest if read with a sarcastic tone. Try some:
    o 1 nephi 4:13
    o Gen 2:18
    o Exodus 20:14
    (it’s more fun if you can find scriptures with question marks: “am I my brother’s keeper?
    • Somehow I’ve never heard the double entendre of “pitching his tent towards Sodom.” How could I have missed that!
    • I thought that Gomorrah was a VD.
    • We may have talked about this, but one of the most interesting parts of the Word of Wisdom for me is 89:3 – “adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints”. I see 2 ways to read this. We either have restrictions because we are weak or there could be MORE restrictions but we don’t have them because we are weak. Not sure if that makes sense.
    • Also about the WoW, David O. McKay had some of my favorite quotes about it. I will share another time.
    • Oh and it’s super funny to me to listen to 2 guys talk about the WoW when their diet consists mostly of Mavericks hot dogs, Burger King, and Charlie Chows.
    • I totally agree with Jon that one of the main reasons we have the WoW is to distinguish us as a people. I get asked all the time about my beliefs because of the WoW. The hard part is, when someone asks you why you don’t drink coffee, what do you say? “um we don’t drink it so you’ll ask me about my religion”. Yeah that doesn’t work.
    • Two last thoughts on the WoW:
    o What exactly is “tea”? Seriously, I have no idea.
    o The penalty for “breaking” the WoW is interesting. Huh, don’t do it again?
    • I once heard from a Sunday School teacher that Abraham knew that the Lord had promised him children through Isaac and that he had the faith that if he sacrificed Isaac, that the Lord was raise him from the dead to fulfil that promise. That might be stretching it a bit, but it’s interesting.
    • I still haven’t met Shawn.

  4. I haven't met Shawn either, but I also haven't met anyone affiliated with the Rodcast. This is still the best Mormon themed podcast on the internet.