Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rodcast 140: 184th Annual

Alrighty, this is not timely. We recorded a couple of days after conference, but technical and user issues prevented the posting until now. You can see by the minutes that the vast majority is just chatting about the recent General Conference. Rhett joined by Skype along with a live version of Pete's traveling nephew, Kirk.

0:00 -- Kirk's intro
2:27 -- Minutes
4:33 -- Kirk's card (3/6)
14:53 -- Conference talk
91:28 -- Pete's sustaining story, Monson's security/health guy
97:38 -- Listener comments

Download here!

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  1. I think this is the first time on any of your podcasts that you have announced the recording date. Is there a reason you don't say the date you record?

    Don't the the new guy make you feel bad for all the things you don't do, who is he to judge anyway?

    I'm surprised you haven't heard the rumors about President Monson's health. It is rumored that he has dementia in some stage of progression. Remember a few conferences ago when he didn't show up on time? We never really received an official answer. The Church could be in for a few years like Pres Kimball & Benson's final years, where the prophet is unable to speak in public. It is a good thing Pres. Monson has two great counselors.

    This doesn't get said enough, but the Rodcast is a truly great, faith promoting production. I appreciate hearing other's opinions of gospel topics. Like you said, sometimes the discussions after a great lesson turn out to be even better than the lesson.

  2. Always love the Conference review Rodcasts.

    I was kind of unimpressed that Rhett would publicly make a statement about a personal beef he has with a GA. That's not for public consumption. But, it reminded me of a story I heard when I worked at the Church Office Building. The mother of one of the ladies I worked with there used to work for M. Russell Ballard, and had a really hard time with him professionally. When he was called to be a GA, she had a choice to make. Was she going to allow her past with MRB stand in the way of her ability to sustain him as a leader? To hear her daughter tell it, her mom had a powerful spiritual experience when she made the choice to put the past behind her and support him wholeheartedly. I realize this was a business situation and not a Church situation, but I think the principle is the same, as I think the principle is the same when you have a conflict with a member of your bishopric or another local leader. There is a need to separate things. However Rhett was wronged by this GA needs to be forgiven. There is a need to give up the grudge or the slanted view he has of this person. Whatever happened obviously didn't push Rhett out of the Church. GAs are not perfect 100% of the time and it's unfortunate this person was imperfect in Rhett's regard (apparently). Like the song from Frozen says, though, Let It Go. "The Church is true, the people aren't perfect," right?

    My favorite talk was actually Elder Scott' you all apparently didn't get much from. Example is a huge theme in my life and a big point of emphasis in my p-blessing, so hearing his advice on how to be a good example, how to reach out to others needing direction and good. So nice for me to feel validation of the real importance of something that's important to me.

    Years ago, I had an Institute teacher who told us that everyone on earth has precisely the right amount of adversity in their lives to exalt them. That is the perspective I have chosen to take about 'fairness'...everyone's cross is different. It's best not to compare crosses. I have what I need to exalt me, others have what they need to exalt them. The choice of whether we use our adversities to build toward exaltation is ours and we really just need to mind our own business and support each other...not compare and criticize.

    I got what Kirk got from Packer's talk. Totally felt like a farewell testimony on the order of Bruce R.'s final testimony in Conference a few weeks before he passed away.

    DId you guys catch Elder Christofferson's referring to Mary Magdalene as "dear, pure Mary"? Kind of implying she wasn't a prostitute, eh? Made me think of you guys.

    Reason why I only posted one post-Conference-session review was because I was home in PA over Conference weekend because it was my grandma's 100th birthday on Friday the 4th and we had lots of family stuff going on throughout the weekend. I only got to watch the Saturday morning session live, so that's the only one I reviewed on FB. Sorry, Pd.

    Have you guys seen the "Share and Save bar" at the bottom of the page on when you're signed into the system? Cool new feature...kind of makes it easier and more obvious as to how to do the notebooks thing you've talked about previously.


  3. I just want to reiterate Steph's advice for Rhett. There is a lot of truth in forgiving others and letting things go. I've made thoughtless mistakes in the past, and am always thankful that others are forgiving of me. Also, I appreciate truth wherever I find it, even in Disney movies. ;)

    Argh.. I just saw a typo in my previous comment, why can I not edit it....! It should say "Don't let the new guy..."