Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rodcast 141: Esau the Light

0:00 -- Minutes
1:23 -- Jon's card (4/6)
8:09 -- Shawn joins, engagement announcement
9:58 -- Pete's Monument Park Ward announcement
14:55 -- Lesson 10: Birthright Blessings; Marriage in the Covenant
36:54 -- Lesson 11: "How Can I Do This Great Wickedness?," Lesson 12: Fruitful in the Land of My Affliction"
46:39 -- Lesson 13: Bondage, Passover, and Exodus, Lesson 14: "Ye Shall Be a Peculiar Treasure unto Me," Lesson 15: "Look to God and Live"
59:46 -- Joseph Fielding Smith Chapter 8: The Church and Kingdom of God
69:10 -- Listener comments
79:48 -- Next topic conversation

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  1. Forgive my serious comment for last time, I forgot that the purpose of the Rodcast is to create a forum of snark and sarcasm.

    I like to think that the card's are not getting easier, the Lord is increasing your brain power. Like that Book of Mormon story, the Lord didn't take away the people's burden, he strengthened them so that the burden would be made light.

    It could be that the Jacob and Esau situation was worked out in the best way for all. The Lord promised that the covenant was to go through Jacob, and it worked out best for Rebekah to manipulate Isaac. Another option would be for Esau to be killed. (There might have been other brothers in line as well that would have been in the way). So the subterfuge probably worked out for the best.

    The world does not have a problem with over population. In the next fifty years the main problem will probably be that not enough babies are being born. Even the developing world is getting access to birth control, and limiting babies being born. That might be one reason for the lowering of the missionary age, to get young people back from missions earlier so that they can get married without delay. Science and technology is great that these days older women can have healthy children, but biology says that women's best years to have healthy children when a woman is in her early 20s.

    The Union Fort ward reminds me of my favorite apartment I used to live in, in the Avenues. It was on the corner of F and 1st street. ;)

    Jon is wrong about Pete's singing. Pete is absolutely not mocking, I would call it exuberant enthusiasm! A very joyful noise.

  2. Had Esau died, wouldn't Jacob have inherited the birthright? What was it to him whether Esau lived or died?

    The other interesting thing about the making of covenant between God and Jacob is that it is somewhat of the Peter pattern...God choosing leaders...patriarchs, in this case, from those who didn't really live up to the title earlier in their life. Significant improvement can be made to the point where God will choose you above everyone else. You can get better...you can reform..."thou art still chosen."

    Went to BYU Women's Conference last week, and the theme this year had to do with grace. Pd mentioned about how connecting ourselves to Christ gets us into heaven, and that's correct. Through His grace, through His Atonement, we learn to become heavenly to the extent possible, and it is grace that gets us over the final hurdles. No way at all we can do it on our own.

    There are no 'single gods'. A god is a man and a woman together living righteously in a covenant relationship. Brother Anderson (PS: He taught at Women's Conference last week...went to his class...STELLAR).


  3. So Pete confuses HG Wells with Orson Welles? That's the takeaway here.