Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rodcast 145: Emeritus


Sometimes faithful latter-day saints spend two years away from the world.

Anyway, we adjourned over Google Hangouts to yack on like old times. It's been a long lonely lonely time so expect more meandering than usual.

0:00 -- Intro and apologies and aloha awkwardness
6:50 -- Pete and Rhett's card (3/6)
11:45 -- Sunday school (Alexis teaching and some random stuff from the beginning of Alma)
33:50 -- Rhett's Twitter announcement
47:45 -- Off-topic transcribing topic
58:24 -- Pete's topic (ward weirdness)
1.26:46 -- Rhett speed round of topics
1.41:42 -- Jon's quick ward experience

Download here!

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