Monday, September 13, 2010

Podcast 23: Secret

First of all, here's Peter's autographed program for today (hope you don't mind, Megan).

Our discussion today was about Amos and Joel. They seem pretty on the ball.

Besides talking a little about the Iron Rodcast polls we also got incendiary with a continuation of the Word of Wisdom from last week. This time the focus was on meat.

Vote in the polls! We re-opened a couple of ties.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had to sing "There is Sunshine in My Soul", Jon. Bleh.

    There are two meanings to "laid up" in being injured and unable to get around, or the one intended in the song..."waiting" or "preserved". That's my take on why the quotes are set the phrase apart and have it be understood correctly.

    Let's not even speculate on the less-proper reading of 'joys getting laid up above'.

    I was the Joseph Stalin vote and the other "no" vote on is the Church in China, btw.

    "How can you not like pork?" "How can you not like sex before marriage?" That was GREAT.

    The vegetarian sandwich at Jimmy John's is very good, btw, Rhett...well, anything at JJ's is good...

    Was there a dogfight going on outside your house during the Rodcast? The barking was quite noticeable.


  2. Your discussion of eating meat sparingly was recorded the same day as the MYV VMAs in which Lady Gaga wears an entire outfit made of meat. Coincidence?

    I would like to eat less meat. I would also like to eat less processed artificial food. I feel like I am doing something morally wrong when I eat garbage, but I am too poor, lazy, and addicted to eat the way I want to and know I should. I think I would feel much better about myself if I could get to the point where I am eating truly healthy food and maybe meat only once a month.

  3. Hymns with lyrics that use quotes…that is just a missed opportunity as far as themes were concerned.

    (Deep breath)...

    Listening to your meat conversation drove me a little crazy. If there wasn’t someone sitting across from me in my office I would have shouted back at some of you guys.

    “It’s OK to be LDS and a vegetarian…” Are you kidding me? Does that even need to be said? Of COURSE it is. Why wouldn’t it be? What is wrong with abstaining from meat? Where in the scriptures does it imply that eating meat is essential for our spirituality?

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I am very health conscious. I do eat less meat than most people in my life. I eat more fish than your average person.

    Why can’t people define their own parameters about their diet without being criticized? You can be a vegetarian who eats fish if you want without getting crap from people. But usually if you hear that scenario, it’s not so much about being a vegetarian because of animal cruelty as it is about being healthy.

    “I don’t want a cow that keeled over because of old age” Haha. I’ll admit, that made me laugh because it makes no sense.

    “Kill the animals to give them purpose” Pete. Be glad I wasn’t near you when you said that.

    If you ever invite me to Tucanos and I don’t come, don’t take it personally, I just can’t stand that place.

    Things that should be against the word of wisdom:

    The cheap Kroger meat you buy at Smith’s (if you look closely, it doesn’t’ look right)
    Those Dino nuggets you get at Costco

    The problem with eating healthy is that it is expensive. It’s a valuable investment in your health though, could save you money later whether it’s at the gym or the cardiac unit. But when the organic chicken breasts are $8 a pound and the hormone inflated ones are $4 a pound, it’s hard to make the wise decision. Yes, wise. I’m using that word with all the meaning it holds.

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  5. i think i was the one who asked the question 'is it okay to be lds and vegetarian?'-- i know it sounds silly to even ask the question, but i specifically asked it in order to prepare the rest of podcast for the follow-up question which was 'is it BETTER to be a vegetarian than to not?' That's the real question and I definitely feel it is better.

  6. I that case, I don't know if I can say it is BETTER to be vegetarian. I'll give you two reasons:

    1) Just because you're vegetarian doesn't mean you eat vegetables. You could sit there gulping soda and gorging on Doritos and call yourself a vegetarian. It sounds healthy cause it has that vegetable word in it. But being a vegetarian doesn't mean you eat vegetables. It means you don't eat meat.

    OK, I just have one reason, but this is what I think: I think it's better to eat healthy. If healthy to you means cutting off meat entirely, go for it. But I believe you can be just as healthy by including meat in your diet as long as it is "sparingly" and only when it came from a safe and humane environment. But there isn't a word for that. It's not as clear cut as saying "vegetarian" or "vegan". I guess it's called "health conscious" but explaining exactly what that means is subjective.

  7. I did some research regarding the "laid up" comment as well as the lack of plurality on the word secret from Amos 3:7. All of my research was inconclusive. So I contacted an Institute teacher friend of mine and here is what he said:

    1. My understanding (and I don’t know where it came from) is that it is not a direct quote, but the quotations are used to capture the sentiment of Matthew 6:19-20. The verse of the hymn talks about blessings “which he gives me NOW” and the blessings – or treasures – that have been “laid up” for the FUTURE, where neither “moth nor rust doth corrupt.”

    2. Strongs Concordance of the Bible shows the Hebrew to mean “confidential talk, counsel.” The NIV version uses the word “plan.” I think the sentiment of the verse is that in each instance that God has something He is going to do, he will first confide that particular plan or secret. If the verse were speaking about all that God ever does, then it probably would read that God always reveals His secrets. Bottom line- I think it is just a grammar choice and is not a significant item doctrinally.

  8. right. kind of like how christ says he will be with us "alway" (matt: 28:20). alway??? what in the world?

  9. Alway is actually an old English way of saying all the way, or the archaic way of saying always.

    If you look up that verse in the NIV they changed it to always.

    Gotta love different translations.

  10. Why did Megan Grant sign Pete's program?