Sunday, September 26, 2010

Podcast 25: Maher-shalal-hash-baz

Hey! Here we go with a bit more Isaiah!

Second topic this week is humility. No doubt we'll get hammered with humility once the angry letters come rolling in. As a special guest on this topic (for about 30 seconds) we brought in a ringer for the opposition -- Dre Deming.

Download it here!


  1. I don't know. I think there's something to the old thing about once you think you're humble, you're not. If you ever really look at yourself, I think you will always see yourself as needing more humility. There's some value to always acknowledging your weaknesses and always acknowledging how you can improve. And if you are recognizing the pride you have, you can't very well say you are humble.

    And yeah, Jesus was humble. He was also perfect. You're not going to be as humble as Jesus and you're not going to be as perfect as he is. I don't recall ever hearing the general authorities say they are humble and how we should try to be humble like they are.

    And I don't believe in the "good pride" - proud to be an American, proud of your children, etc. I think as natural as it is and as well accepted as it is, I think it is still a problem to us spiritually. And it's not just the English word, I think it is genuine pride.

  2. Interesting side note: the b-ball player in the picture spells his name Isiah, not Isaiah.


    I think you should spend the whole time talking about Conference next Sunday...favorite talks, great insights gained, etc. That's my "other" vote in the poll. Halloween is a Sunday this year, so I'd talk about that topic that day.

    The term you were looking for, Rhett, having to do with Pres. Hinckley's attitude is 'self-aggrandizing'.

    You may have heard the quote that pride doesn't just look down, it also looks up. I think that might describe Rhett's analysis of the Chileans well...but also lots of Church members who are just a little too 'secure' in their closeness to the Lord and whatnot. Condemning others because you perceive them to be prideful is its own form of pride.

    One of my favorite hymns is "Be Thou Humble" because I think it characterizes humility so well. Might have been a good guide for your discussion.

    And "Pride (In the Name of Love)" is one of my all-time fave songs and may give some good examples of positive pride through knowledge of the righteousness of the cause of the individuals referred to in the song. They were individuals who were not to be denied in the missions they had in life.


  3. I agree with SRA about Conference. I think you should have two podcasts this week: One recapping the Saturday Session and one recapping the Sunday session.

  4. hmm. i still think you can know you're humble, but you definitely need to know that you need to be more humble -- ALWAYS. it may be a bad idea to actually say out loud that you are humble. who would believe that? what good would it do?

    steph, i knew someone would call us out on the spelling. i didn't think it would be you though. didn't realize you were such an isiah thomas fan. why is his name spelled that way? it looks even less like it sounds. i struggled with putting the picture up for that very reason. couldn't think of any other pic to put up. if anybody has picture suggestions, let me know.

    i'm all for talking conference this next time. maybe we'll do saturday and sunday rodcast sessions, but i wouldn't count on it. rhett and pete have very rigid saturday schedules (one involving laundry and one involving debauchery) plus, who knows how many sessions i'll be awake for. hmm. maybe i should set a goal to wear a tie to each session in front of the tv. when i'm still in pajamas, i'm done for.

  5. I once heard a quote...I think it was George Durrant...about how, for General Conference, he puts on his best suit and sits in the hardest chair in the house so he'll stay awake the whole time.

    And I have no idea why his name is spelled without the first 'a'. It's more "eeseeyah" than "eyezayuh" with that spelling. But whatever. Of all people, Mormons should be able to appreciate creative name spellings.