Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rodcast 30: Hallows

Wrapping up Isaiah, plus... Halloween!

Send your comments. I think we must have left a lot out. What needs to be said?

Also, here's that book Pete mentioned: Isaiah: Prophet, Seer and Poet.

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  1. Explanative: no
    Explanatory: yes

    I also used a bit from the Victor Ludlow book in my lesson on Sunday, so I guess great minds think alike, Peter. Mine was about the meaning of Isaiah 54:1, though...but anyway.

    I also agree with the bit about making announcements after the prayer and not before. It does destroy the Spirit in the moment. A bishopric member should know that, of all people.

    If Rhett doesn't like the term "hiding", how about the term "treading water"? They're not progressing, they're not fixing their problems, they're just easing their guilty minds about needing to go to church on Sunday. They're going around and around in circles, spiritually. It's stupid. The fact that it's a great social scene is a total bonus to them. "What? I don't have to have any responsibility in or to the Church AND I get to find people to date all the time? Awesome!" My answer: come back when you're ready to face up to your problems...when you're ready to talk to the bishop and get back where you need to be. There is no limbo in true religion -- you're either moving forward or moving backward. (Yes, I lack compassion...I am no Bishop Pohlman)

    I think part of the reason the lady talked about intimacy with her husband were for much the reasons Peter mentioned...the impression that good sex only happens for a few years after marriage. She wanted to dispel that misconception, and so used her own marriage to do so, so as to make it more believable and less "research tells us...".

    I would agree that folks our age have better Halloween memories than kids do today. That's probably part of the reason why Halloween doesn't interest me much anymore...it was fun when I was younger & I have enough good memories of it not to necessitate my continuing to dress up, go to parties, etc. as a lot of young adults seem to do here in Utah.

    Is "Hocus Pocus" the one with the witch riding the vacuum cleaner?