Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rodcast 31: Favorite

Jeremiah + favorite BOM characters! All this and a conversation on testimony meeting. Plus we were all super on edge because we were hungry because it was Fast Sunday.

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  1. My favorite thing about this episode is the idea of "confirming" someone's telephone number rather than asking for it. That had me going for awhile. It reminded me of when I had to finally stop saying "hello?" on my cell phone like I didn't have caller ID or something. There's no pretending anymore. Of course I know who you are.

  2. I enjoyed the "confirm the number in the ward directory" joke too. Well done, Jon.

    Fun fact: Queen of Heaven is a title for Mary in the Catholic Church. There's a Catholic prayer by that name. Interesting.

    To me, if you don't really feel you should get up and bear your testimony, and you're only doing it because it was a New Year's resolution or whatever, that's garbage to me. It needs to be heartfelt and not forced by an ulterior motive. The bearing of testimony at F&T meeting is not a badge of honor or proof of personal righteousness.

    The lack of actual testimony in the bearing of testimonies at F&T meeting drives me crazy. I learned as an EFY counselor that there are four pillars of testimony: the Atonement, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and living prophets. Please, people, mention at least one of two of those elements when you get up and speak. Please. My silent plea every month. But anyway...

    I was in a family ward in Gilbert, AZ last February for F&T meeting. The bishopric counselor who was conducting bore his testimony first, as typical, but then proceeded to explain to the congregation the purpose of F&T meeting and what constitutes a testimony. It was fantastic...not in a chastising attitude, but more instructive and helpful. Should happen in more wards, more often. Might help. That F&T meeting was awesome, by the way...

    Yes, we are the judge RIGHTEOUSLY. We are not meant to be doormats, but we are also not meant to be...well...Pharisaical. It takes constant effort to succeed in that effort.

    Congrats to Joe on his creativity in using the bearing of his testimony to find where his fiancee was seated in the congregation.

    Regarding polygamy, I think Peter should talk about what Brother Anderson said about polygamy at Institute last week...the real purpose behind it. That was good...instructive and mistaken-idea-dispelling.

    My favorite BoM character, btw, is Jacob...Nephi's younger brother. Favorite BoM book, favorite BoM prophet, etc. I love how plain-spoken yet sensitive he was. Totally hot to me, if I may use such a descriptor in this situation. By the way, I would choose Hugh Jackman for the role. One of my faves.

    I can agree with Jon on Alma's intellectual discussions of the Atonement, with his sons. Thought-provoking and insightful no matter who reads them, or when. That's the mark of a true prophet.