Monday, November 22, 2010

Rodcast 33: Wheel

Ezekiel. Polygamy. Wheel. Listen.



  1. I thought it was weird how people kept coming into your sacrament meeting throughout the meeting...even 10-15 minutes before it was over. Why even go to sacrament if you've missed the passing of the sacrament? Opinions? That might be a 2nd topic at some point. I was amazed at how few people were in there at the beginning/passing of the sacrament. I did a small fist pump when the high councilor who was speaking questioned of the commitment of those who showed up late. I liked his talk overall, but that part was one of my faves.

    I am thankful, by the way, for my calling of teaching Gospel Doctrine. I love it and have loved it for the whole year-plus I've been doing it.

    I'm also thankful for my bishop and his wife, because they're the best ever. The end.

    Your discussion about personal responsibility to make the most of church reminds me of a story Pres. Eyring tells about his dad. The gist of the story was that Pres. Eyring was really unimpressed by a talk a guy was giving in sacrament meeting, but his dad seemed deeply engrossed in it. Pres. Eyring asked his dad afterward how he seemed to get so much out of that talk, and his dad told him that he hadn't though much of it either, and so was rewriting it in his head...improving it so that he could get something out of it. I always think of that when I myself or someone else expresses disappointment in a meeting or meetings. We have to make the best of whatever is offered...we have to come ready to do our part and then some.

    I honestly think life coaching is a crock. I was at a fireside with Elder Bednar last month where he talked about how this generation--especially with parenting--are way too controlled by advice books and stuff online (and the opinions of their favorite musicians/movie stars/"opinion leaders") and anything but their own instincts and personal revelation. I agree. You really don't often need a non-Church source to 'coach' you through a situation or help you make a decision.

    Good polygamy/polygyny discussion. When I was at Penn State, the landless/helpless widowed women with children story was our standard line. I was honestly shocked when Brother Anderson told us that wasn't the case. The "raising up seed" idea is much stronger, but honestly, not as easily digested by non-members, I would think. But that's the nature of the truth, I suppose.


  2. Ezekiel saw the wheel... Way up in the middle of the air, now Ezekiel saw the wheel way in the middle of the air...