Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rodcast 50: Yoke

Just Pete and Jon again. We talk about Christ's yoke (superficially). We talk about St. Patrick's Day (ignorantly).

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Btw, here is the image of Richard Scarry's lowly worm:
Oh, and I hate having to do this, but I'm afraid I have to just to make sure. Yes, the yellow part of the egg is actually spelled Y-O-L-K.


  1. I LOVE "THE PHONE CALL"! Appreciated the mention of it at the top of the program.

    Orson Pratt did have a crazy, big beard. True.

    Two miracles are required for canonization these days. Back when Rodrigo of Cordoba became a saint, this probably wasn't the case. He became a saint by virtue of his martyrdom, most likely, and not because any miracles were attributed to his intercession. The requirements have become much more defined over the centuries. One miracle brings beatification, of the title of "Blessed" being added to the person's name, and two miracles bring canonization.

    Peter, I don't think very many people here in the US would get the meaning of your wearing orange on St. Patrick's Day, since not very many of them are up on their British/Irish/Scottish 17th century history.

    William III, aka William of Orange, was Dutch by birth, hence why the Dutch wear orange to all their national sporting events (Olympics, World Cup, etc.). He was King of England, Ireland & Scotland toward the end of the 1600s, was Protestant, and went to war with the Catholic king of France. European Protestants have held him in high regard ever since.

    St. Patrick's Day is observed with the consumption of corned beef and cabbage. And green beer. No requirement or expectation for Catholics to attend Mass that day. Only Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.


  2. Not going to go see the musical. I only know a few people that have seen it- one totally regrets it and the other walked out.

    I have heard the writers in interviews try to explain that it is all in good humor and it has a good message in the end, but they basically rip on us the whole time and make us out like crazies.

    Plus, it is supposedly super crude.