Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rodcast 51: Parable

So we talked about a couple of parables. Then we got distracted and talked about something else. Don't really remember what that other thing is, but I remember it was pretty interesting.

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  1. Never knew the Church had floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Interesting.

    Peter: The "bringing forth out of his treasure things new and old", to me, is symbolic of conversion, if not converts themselves (conversion of lifelong members too). When we experience conversion, what we bring to the table from our lives before then are "things new and old"...building upon the good things we had before, getting rid of the ones that need to go, etc. Each of us are 'householders' of our own life experiences, and conversion requires a careful examination of the point in our lives when the change comes...what to keep, what to throw out, what new things you take on right away, what new things will take time to integrate, etc. "Boom".

    Having taught SS, I do see it as a 'sifting'. There is no roll taken in that class...counts are taken in sacrament & there's a roll in EQ/RS. None such in SS...it is totally free-will and, as such, a sifting.

    Cris LaPierre is the stake clerk. Richard Gordon is the stake exec sec.

    Church attendance was a second topic suggestion of mine. I made an issue of it because it seems like people come into your sacrament meeting all throughout the meeting, and I questioned whether showing up to sacrament is worth it after the sacrament is passed, since that really is THE reason you're at church at all on a Sunday. Don't take it off the second topic list until you discuss it in this context...or wait until Laura and I come back on the show (Peter approached me about it at Institute Thursday night) so I can speak my piece about it.

    Next time I'm with you guys, I might tell you the story of what happened between me and Bishop Hughes...

    And about my issues with the Diet Coke 'cult' within the Church...