Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rodcast 47: Issues

Many apologies for this week's rodcast. First of all, I forgot to switch the microphone input (again), which means it wasn't the table microphone that was used, but the computer one. Most of you know that THAT means it recorded from the next room. Also, a bit closer to the microphone, Dre and Alexis were having a conversation of their own. All in all, it's a bit hard to hear. Also, it cut off at the end right in the middle of one of my sentences, so I set something up and I was just about to take it in another direction but... alas. Miracles!

Download here!

1 comment:

  1. This should not count toward the 52-week goal. You owe us an extra week.

    I agree with the Elder Holland remark about the value of spirits being embodied. That's about it. I'd never thought about the badness of Jews raising pigs, though. That might be a killing of two birds with one stone.

    The name is Jairus, Jon...you were pronouncing it correctly.

    With Naaman, he had a direct, detailed commandment to fulfill. The woman who touched Christ's garment had no such specificity of performance to which to live up. Just being in his presence might have been enough to heal her. It had to do with her faith and not the exactitudes of her actions.