Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rodcast 54: Peter Nash

The end of the Rodcast... the end of the ward. Could our lives be much further behind?

Also we talked (sorta) about ward choir.

Download here!

Next week: The return of the Rodcast!

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  1. Fewer, not less, letters.

    Is one who authorizes a lease a lessor? The one who signs up for it is the lessee...

    I think part of the reason why ward choirs aren't that great in the Church is because it isn't a calling (even though B. Hughes changed that...but whatever). People feel no real obligation to get into it, practice, etc. It's like Sunday School. No roll, no obligation felt. No calling, no obligation felt.

    I have thought that family wards might be the flying of the white flag on being social, getting married, etc. But, as I've been reminded by folks at work and others...people in family wards have siblings, sons/daughters, etc. The door is hypothetically never completely closed unless you yourself close it. Your circumstances aren't going to do it to you.

    Good luck, guys, whatever you decide to do. :)