Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rodcast 55: Eastest

Pete and Jon for this one. Join us for the continuing saga of the disintegration of student wards.

Also, the most holy day and the fertilest rabbit.

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  1. Joan of Arc is a saint in the Catholic Church...just to dispell any misconceptions.

    Stake Conference started at 9 last Saturday. Coulda made it, Jon...

    I chuckled at your polygamy comment, Peter. No anger. ;)

    I loved Pres. Smith's comment about how the more you think about yourself, the less happy you are, but the more you think of others, the more you understand the Atonement. He has this interesting ability to be hilarious and then deeply spiritual and profound by turns.

    The choir doing "I Stand All Amazed" at the end was awesome.

    The 2nd Stake is getting splintered into like three different YSA'll just have to see tomorrow which one PD gets.

    This isn't completely about ward-hopping, Peter. It's also about the fact that there was overlap between the student wards and the resident stake singles wards that allowed a lot of people to fall through the disappear, as it were, and not be contacted by Church members in their area. At the Tuesday night meeting, they said that in the five areas of the state that already have the YSA ward-stake setup, between October 2010 and January 2011, 1000 "unknown" people were found. In FOUR months. The responsibility to find the lost sheep was a big point of emphasis in that meeting. Sorry you didn't get that part of it from the people you heard from.

    When you don't know an etymology, ask JP Hughes. You guys should know that...

    Yes, they do cross-carryings and crucifixions on Good Friday or thereabouts in some areas, including the Philippines. True story. Can't say I've heard of the screwoff time, though.

    One of my friends' family does a money Easter egg hunt after Easter dinner. The parents put money into plastic eggs and hide them around the house and backyard and send the kids and grandkids out to find them. That's a great idea...

    Jon's brand of dirty old man Mormonism is interesting...