Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rodcast 52: Revelation

Rodcast 52. We've gone from Genesis to Revelation. No man knows if this book will be added unto. No doubt, plagues will occur.

Oh, and also, it was General Conference. Funny how the title worked out for this one, huh?

Download here!

(Btw, now that we've done 52 of these, I no longer feel obligated to limit the titles to one word. I do, however still possess the same amount of laziness that it takes to only think of one-word titles.)

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  1. You guys should totally tailgate Priesthood Session.

    Elder Hales WAS at Saturday PM session for the sustainings. He had a big brace on his left leg...probably part of why he didn't speak. They could have rolled the pulpit up to him like they do with Pres. Packer...but...whatever.

    Elder Scott gave about 90% of the talk he gave on Sunday...in his CES Fireside talk back in September. I was there in the choir for the CES thing...not one of my all-time faves either time.

    Cecil Samuelson has a great voice for radio. He should get Doug Wright's job doing ads for KSL.

    I think EA didn't/doesn't want Jimmer and his type to be an excuse to worthy young men not to go on missions. That's all.

    It's not 'less' missionaries, btw...it's 'fewer' missionaries.

    I think the Francis of Assisi quote was from Pres. Uchtdorf in Sunday AM session.