Monday, May 9, 2011

Rodcast 57: Ignorance

Just so you're aware, sometimes, when I need to occupy myself during sacrament meeting, I don't doodle. Rather, I see how much of a piece of paper I can completely cover in black ink. Fortunately, there's a app for that (see above).

We had Laura filling in for Rhett this week. Remember, we need a third host for most of this summer so get your submissions in (let us know and we'll plan around you if you'd like to join us for the recording)!

Oh yeah, we recorded something. Download here!


  1. Peter: Which ward did you miss yesterday? YSA ward, Single Adult ward?

    I think we should do a poll on what Jon's new calling is going to be...

    I LOVE that Red Robin burger with the fried egg on top. I'll go with you if you go get one. Delicious.

    I'm thinking Marie got her first sealing to Steve Craig cancelled...word on the street is/was that he cheated on her, so I don't think it would have been too hard for her to get the cancellation.

    The Salt Lake Temple on just about any Saturday is a marriage amusement park, Jon, in case you haven't noticed.

    I hope to God Jon wins that CD. It would be pure awesomeness to hear the critiques.


  2. Pete, Jon deserves flowers on mother's day. Its a uter-us not a uter-you.

    I actually remember every time you go to RR you order the Royal BUT we are not suppose to let you. I'm also suppose to write it down.

    If you don't want an amusement park wedding do it on a Wednesday!!

    And I'd like to submit Sean as a back up voice. He was just shy before but it'll be fun to come back and see you.