Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rodcast 59: R.I.P. Second Topic (2010-2011)

This time it was more of a late night ice cream party. We do those sometimes. That's a thing. Alexis and Laura were kind enough to lend some semblance of a female perspective (about stuff like mummies and microphones). We're also continuing our discussion from last week.

Download here!

If you're confused by the outtake, Pete silently raised his hand shortly after Rhett said that he and Jon were the only two people who didn't buy the CD.


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  2. Remember when Bishop Pohlman wanted a portable mic for teaching a 5th Sunday or something like that and somebody asked if he was going to do healings? I thought of that when Peter was talking about the sacrament meeting talk in his ward this past Sunday.

    And that looks like all I have to say this week. Oh...I like clean-shaven in guys, btw.


  3. THANK YOU. That was my joke SRA. No one got it. Except Rhett. Eventually.